At ISE 2024, designflow will unveil a luxury lighting design service exclusively for the AV sector, aiming to enhance projects through meticulous and well-managed lighting design. 

To ensure excellence, the company has expanded its team with experienced lighting designers and garnered support from leading lighting manufacturers.

Acknowledging the personal and subjective nature of residential lighting, designflow lighting commits to maintaining a high standard of quality in this service. 

The company offers a comprehensive turn-key solution, covering everything from conceptualisation to detailed design, site management, and the supply of all light fittings. Moreover, ongoing support is provided even after the installation is complete.

Recognising the intimate nature of lighting design for homeowners, designflow lighting emphasises the importance of involving clients in shaping the outcome. The company’s approach involves face-to-face meetings to understand client preferences, allowing for the creation of a concept ready for detailed lighting design. 

Examples of concepts and completed lighting designs will be showcased at their stand, with expert Adam Kraemer-Dent available to address queries.

A prevalent issue in the industry is non-specialists attempting lighting design, leading to generic and poorly managed plans. To address this, designflow lighting plans to eradicate these problems by emphasising the importance of proper lighting design, offering detailed and technical designs, and providing crucial information to the site team.

designflow lighting’s designs are brand-agnostic, focusing on balancing client preferences with high-quality lighting while adhering to budget constraints. The company offers various tariffs based on the number of projects partners have throughout the year, providing good margins and additional revenue stream options.

Their all-encompassing lighting design service involves homeowners from the start, allowing them to shape the overall look and feel of their design. Working collaboratively with installers, clients and interior designers, designflow lighting ensures a unique design tailored to the client’s preferences. The company’s involvement extends beyond design completion, offering on-site management, stage visits and guidance through the second fix stage to ensure smooth project flow.

Driven by passion, designflow lighting aims to elevate the standard of lighting design in the industry, providing installers with additional revenue streams, influence over project aesthetics, and improved product quality. 

The company invites attendees to visit stand 2G800 and speak to Adam Kraemer-Dent to learn more about this new innovative lighting design service.

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