“As we are proud of the quality and resistance of our IP intercoms, we decided to subject them to another test. This time they were tests of resistance to vandals, which our selected intercoms passed without a hitch, retaining complete functionality,” says a 2N spokesperson.

And how were the tests performed? During the laboratory tests the company’s intercoms resisted numerous attempts to destroy them with a sharp screwdriver, a lighter, pliers or by having a can of Coca Cola poured over them.

During the testing the ‘vandal’ did not manage to unscrew any screws, pull them out, pry the buttons off or press them out.

Attempts to smash the glass cover of the camera, damage the functionality of the buttons with fire or pour a drink under the intercom’s cover were also unsuccessful.

2N’s IP intercoms retained, after all the vandal’s attacks, their full functionality and provided reliable communications even after an attack.

In addition to the resistance tests already performed against the weather and impacts, the company’s intercoms can now also boast a certificate of compliance with a demanding vandal resistance test.

And as we know that seeing is believing, below you can watch a video of the test.

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