ELAN Fuses Technology with Design in Los Altos Hills

Executed by ZettaComm, a privately-owned technology integration company located in San Mateo, California about 20 miles south of San Francisco, this ELAN automation project underlines the ability these days to really weave technology and home design together.

With over 30 years of experience in AV design and installations, ZettaComm shows off the ELAN system, on a bit of a charge awareness wise on this side of the pond lately, to its top potential.  

The project is a collaboration between California architect Malika Junaid of M.Designs Architects and technology integrator Shawnon Parkinson of ZettaComm resulting in what the pair agreed was the perfect fusion of technology and design. The project was such a success that Malika has called on ZettaComm to build an AV system of her own.

“After being consistently impressed with the system, Malika decided it was time to build a new home with ELAN at the helm,” says Shawnon. “And after seeing what the system could do for her customers, she really sought to push the envelope and automate every aspect of her luxurious Los Altos Hills residence, which is jam-packed with unique architectural and design elements.”

ZettaComm installed an ELAN gSC10 as the master controller, supported by an ELAN g1 controller, to automate this luxury home, including climate, audio, video, security, lighting, and well as control of the indoor pool and jacuzzi. The home’s various AV elements could be accessed using a custom-mounted ELAN 12-inch touch panel, wall-mounted ELAN touch panels and multiple mobile devices equipped with the ELAN App.

Some really cool aspects to this home include an airplane hangar door that opens up to the beautiful hillside and valley view; an indoor pool lined with a tile replica of a segment of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel painting; a catwalk that runs over the pool and leads to a ‘Star Trekian’ dining room table that allows for both an indoor and outdoor dining and an air-pressurized elevator that ‘shoots’ riders up to the third floor. 21st century to its core, this home also has genuine taste and style.

“There were a lot of innovative design elements that we needed to integrate the with ELAN system to truly deliver the seamlessness that she was looking for,” Shawnon explains. “The installation was certainly a challenge, but thanks to the system’s flexibility, we were able to get very creative with the install and really show off the full capabilities of the system.”

 In addition to automating unique elements throughout the home, Shownon was tasked with building out a sophisticated yet seamless security system to span the entire property.

He explains, “Security was a major priority and the decision to go with the new ELAN Surveillance camera line, paired with ELAN control, was an easy one. ELAN’s Surveillance line provides live and recorded video review via ELAN touch panels or remotely with the ELAN mobile app.”

ELAN with ease

 ZettaComm also installed a GoControl Smart Controller for secure and easy operation of the Garage Door Opener, and relied on Xantech EX Series HDMI cables provide the necessary high-speed connections for all the home’s 4K multimedia security sources.

For entertainment, the team installed Niles CM8PR and CM7SI in-ceiling speakers inside to deliver targeted and crisp indoor audio, with a Sunfire HRSIW8AMP subwoofer amp and a Crown Cdi 2 | 600 to power Niles Landscape Series speakers, creating a 360° outdoor audio experience. “The Niles’ Landscape Series Speakers brings the same full indoor sound experience to outdoor spaces,” Shawnon says. “Plus, they are super durable, so I know that they will provide years of entertainment value.”

 ZettaComm also configured the ELAN system to control a Star Wars-themed Kaleidescape home theater room with a slick custom ‘movie mode’ scene that dims the lights, sconces, stairs and LED behind the screen.

The team outfitted the theater with stretched HD Acoustic Images absorption paneling that look like and act like movie posters, but have special acoustic properties. The theater’s power conditioning is handled by the Furman IT-Reference 20i Power Conditioner.

Throughout the rest of the home, ZettaComm integrated a dual-lighting system with Lutron, accessed through ELAN, to control and automate lighting throughout the entire property.  

To protect the whole-home system, ZettaComm installed multiple BlueBOLT-enabled Panamax power protection units, including the SM3-PRO, MB1500, VT4315-Pro and the M4000-Pro. Along with the power and surge protection it affords, he likes the flexibility of being able to perform remote hard reboots and remote monitoring of network status.

Summarising the project, Shawnon says, “This install went really smoothly and the collaborative process was such a pleasurable experience. We were able to get an amazing amount of work done in a short amount of time and it all turned out just as envisioned.”

Malika echoed the thoughts from the architect and homeowner perspective, saying, “Technology and design, when paired well together, can create the ultimate living experience in today’s connected culture. Working with ZettaComm and ELAN, I knew the possibilities were limitless.”

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