The client for this particular project is a property developer that Cyberhomes had worked with on numerous occasions, this time enlisting the integration specialist’s help for his own home.

“We had installed the AV, automation and control systems into a number of his developments,” says Andy Mack, Cyberhomes founder and director. “It made sense then for him to turn to us when he was building his own house.”

The client wanted a multi-room audio-visual experience for his five-storey home, but when Cyberhomes demonstrated the possibilities of a single point of control for all smart technology in the property, he was inspired to go further.

Cyberhomes ended up integrating audio-visual, heating, lighting and security controls into a Savant pro home automation system. Even the flow of the customer’s poolside waterfalls can be controlled though the Savant Pro App on an iPad or smartphone.

“Savant was chosen as the most suitable as the card frame allowed for expandability,” Andy explains. “The Savant Pro App gave the home owner the most flexible way of adding custom scenes to his system without the additional expense of programing.”

This was the first project that Cyberhomes had undertaken that had a sub-basement (a multi-storey below ground living space). “This led to a variety of different rooms that you wouldn’t often find all in a single property: bar, pool, gym, cinema, etc.,” Andy reflects.

Cyberhomes’ lighting designer created smart lighting for the home – inside and out, installing a Lutron lighting control system with 36 custom-engraved wall plates.

By integrating this into the Savant Pro control system, the family can switch on or off (or dim) any light in the house or garden, with just one touch of a screen.

Lights turn on automatically whenever somebody enters a bathroom and atmospheric lighting is triggered as people pass through certain areas of the house.

When it’s time for bed, a tap of the App creates soft, gentle lighting in the corridors and stairwells to guide the family to their rooms. Outdoor lighting is tuned to an astronomic schedule, switching on as dusk approaches, and off again in the early hours when everyone is likely to be in bed.

Home Cinema

Locating the cinema off to the side of a large, open-plan basement presented some audio-visual and lighting challenges.

Cyberhomes overcame these issues by using a heavyweight blackout curtain to block out external light, while visuals are taken care of courtesy of a high-brightness Runco projector with a long-throw lens.

Cinematic sound is generated through the intelligent configuration of a multi-speaker system: two B&W speakers are positioned in the ceiling for surround effects, and three in the wall behind the acoustically transparent, 150in Seymour & Screen Excellence projection screen.

Through the Savant Pro App, anyone in the family can control the home’s smart technology via an iPad or smartphone, plus wall-mounted iPad minis have been installed on each floor. These are easily removed from their magnetic docks, which also serve as wireless chargers.

The family can also use the iPads to check home security footage: Cyberhomes installed eight IC Realtime CCTV cameras to cover every part of the property’s exterior. The system even allows the family to monitor the property remotely from their smartphones while away.

Reflecting on the challenges presented, Andy says: “We were integrating systems like CCTV, heating, security, intercom and they seemed to be a first for a number of these third parties’ products to integrate with the new Savant Pro platform. There was a lot of liaising between Cyberhomes, Savant and the third parties to successfully make this work.

“Everything has come together as a single coherent solution. All our projects integrate similar aspects but none are quite as cohesive as this extent of high class finish achieved in every room of this project.”

The client was also impressed with the outcome: “Having worked with Cyberhomes on several upmarket property development projects, I knew they could deliver the type of smart capabilities I wanted for my own home—and they didn’t disappoint.

“I like being able to take my iPhone out of my pocket to turn on the TV without looking for a series of remote controls. I like being able to turn the ensuite TV on as I’m heading upstairs. I like being lazy when my kids want to see something in the cinema room – I can set it up without having to move. And, of course, I love that I can turn all the lights out at night with a touch of just one button.”

Read on for the full kit list.

Key elements

Savant Pro control system
Multi-room music system
Audio and Video distribution to eight TVs
Home Cinema Room
Integrated climate control
Hardwired and wireless networks
Lutron Lighting control
Intercom and access control
CCTV and intruder alarm

Zone-by-zone breakdown

Basement level 1: bathroom
Basement level 1: sauna
Basement level 1: steam room
Basement level 1: plant room
Basement level 1: gym
Basement level 1: pool
Basement level 2: games hall
Basement level 2: cinema
Basement level 2: bar
Basement level 2: office
Basement level 2: office lounge
Basement level 2: spare bedroom 1
Basement level 2: spare bedroom 2
Basement level 2: bathroom
Basement level 2: kitchen

Ground floor: front drive
Ground floor: porch
Ground floor: bathroom
Ground floor: entrance hall
Ground floor: family room
Ground floor: kitchen
Ground floor: dining area
Ground floor: library
Ground floor: rear garden/exterior

First floor: landing
First floor: master bedroom
First floor: master dressing room
First floor: master en suite
First floor: bedroom 2 (child’s room)
First floor: guest bedroom
First floor: shared en-suite

Second floor: landing
Second floor: bedroom 3 (child’s room)
Second floor: bedroom 4 (child’s room)
Second floor: shared en-suite

Full kit list

Plant room

1 x Savant HST-4501 host controller
1 x Savant AOM-SS8U surround sound module
1 x Savant SSP-1200 matrix cardframe chassis
1 x Savant VIM 30D2 video input module
1 x Savant VIM-30D4 video input module
2 x Savant VOM-LN04 4-channel video output modules
1 x Savant SSC-0025 control I/O
1 x Savant AIM-D4A9 audio input module
2 x Savant AOM-016U 16-channel audio preamp
1 x Autonomic MMS-2 media server
2 x Apple TV
2 x Sky HD STBs
1 x IC Realtime Breeze 08P NVR CCTV recorder
1 x Lilin PMH-POE08130WAT PoE switch
1 x Savant SIS-500 intercom server
1 x Audionics eMU-M remote power control
1 x Audionics eMU-S remote power slave
3 x Rotel RMB-1512 12-channel amplifiers
1 x Pakedge PK-SW24-24PB managed PoE switch with remote power cycle
1 x Draytek Vigor 2860 internet router
1 x Draytek Vigor P-2240 managed 24-port switch
1 x Ruckus Zone Director 1106 Wi-Fi manager
1 x Rotel RMB-1575 5-channel amplifier
2 x Middle Atlantic ERK-4025 40U AV racks with cooling fans
2 x Riello VSD 1500 UPS

Media room/home cinema AV

1 x Savant HRX-SLN501 HDbaseT receiver
2 x B&W ASW610XP subwoofer
5 x B&W CWM7.4 speakers
1 x Runco LS-HB projector
1 x Seymour Screen Excellence RF 150 WS screen
1 x Lumagen Radiance mini-3D video processor

Other rooms AV

1 x Samsung 65” smart TV
2 x Samsung 55” smart TV
2 x Samsung 48” smart TV
2 x Samsung 32” smart TV
1 x Aquavision AVF22L 22” in-wall waterproof TV
7 x Savant HRX-SLN501 HDbaseT receivers
6 x B&W AM1 outdoor speakers
20 x B&W CCM362 in-ceiling speakers
10 x B&W CCM382 in-ceiling speakers
2 x B&W CCM664SR in-ceiling speakers
6x DLS Flatbox on-wall speakers
2 x DLS Flatsub8 subwoofers
2 x DLS Flatbox mini on-wall speakers
1 x B&W ASW610XP subwoofer
1 x B&W Panorama soundbar

Lighting control

5 x Lutron occupancy/vacancy sensors
36 x Lutron engraved keypads
4 x Lutron HQWA architrave keypads
1 x Terralec 500mm mirror ball
1 x Lutron hub end and dimmer packs
3 x Lutron HQK-REP RF repeaters
1 x Lutron Homeworks Q6 P6 lighting control processor


1 x IC Realtime i2a-DF3W indoor CCTV camera
7 x IC Realtime 12a-DF3W-OV vandal proof CCTV camera
1 x 2N Helios Vario IP door intercom


5 x Launchport iPod wallmount docks
6 x Ruckus Zoneflex 7372 wireless access points
1 x Savant SUR-0500 remote control
3 x iPad mini 64GB



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