This modern education provider wanted a state of the art building management system to help them take control of their energy use and enhance security and maintain maximum flexibility. They chose the Leviton Security and Automation solution to make this a reality.

Enhanced security is provided by door entry access control at multiple points plus a full intruder alarm capability with motion sensors in all the key areas and high quality CCTV recording to a dedicated DVR.

By keeping track of which zones have people occupying each key area the lighting is adjusted automatically so that lights come on automatically and switch off when the system is sure the area in question has been vacated.

Additional savings are made through use of the Leviton JCC LED SkyTile to ensure minimum power consumption for lighting.

Heating control is provided on a zonal basis providing extra comfort and energy saving through only heating the area that are in use.

For social functions and open evening there is a full iPod based audio system providing high quality audio to each zone using in-ceiling speakers.

Control is provided by an intuitive user interface on an iPad mounted in the wall and from smart phones over the School WiFi.

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