A Very Big Crestron House In The Country

Bringing together privacy and entertainment, Inspired Dwellings used Crestron Home OS to create the customer’s dream home.

A classic, Tudor-style home from the outside and a contemporary, luxurious haven on the inside, this 15,000-square-foot new build is set on several acres of countryside in Kent, England. The homeowner, doubling as the builder, made this project extra special. This remarkable home includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two swimming pools, multiple saunas, a home theater and a gym. Chris McCain, Technical Manager, Inspired Dwellings, comments, “Crestron Home was the right fit for a project of this caliber. With many different spaces in the home, the homeowner needed an easy-to-use single point of control.”

As a successful developer accustomed to building for others, the homeowner wanted to use his skills and the best resources available to fulfill his vision. Chris recommended Crestron Home due to its ease of use and ability to work well with partners under one unified platform. 


The homeowner wanted to create spaces that fully encompass the interests of his large, extended family, with whom he shares a love of football and music. For the home to function as a hub for friends and family to gather, the technology and design needed to serve two opposing purposes: the control system needed to perform on a large scale for impressive entertaining while also feeling intimate when the homeowner had no guests. The homeowner wanted a user-friendly home automation solution, as it would be his first time living with extensive technology.

Chris explains, “It was easy to choose Crestron as the home automation system once we heard the homeowner’s needs. This solution allows the homeowner to entertain at the press of a button while also maintaining privacy.”


The easy-to-use and reliable Crestron Home OS is the control backbone for the home, which can be accessed using Crestron touch screens, remotes, Crestron Cameo keypads, or the Crestron Home app. Crestron touch screens are strategically placed where they would be used most often for full control of the house. For entertaining, the living room and dining area feature an expansive, open floor plan (a crowd favorite), enabling guests to gather and enjoy conversation with one another. Using Crestron Home, the party scene continues throughout the house and out to the patio and pool areas as colorful pool lights turn on and music is amplified around the home. This is not the only scene the homeowner can call on demand; other scenes like ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ trigger the lighting, shading and audio in each part of the home to adjust without having to travel to each room individually. This convenience makes waking up and heading to sleep a breeze for the homeowner.

One of the guests’ favorite rooms is the 14-seat home theater with built-in amplifiers on the back row seats for a complete cinematic experience. For action movies, the homeowner’s favorite, every explosive moment is intensified by the high-end sound system. Any guest is able to easily and confidently play their movie or TV show of choice at the touch of a button, thanks to Crestron touch screens and remotes. This comfortable theater has three rows of recliner chairs with backlighting on the stairs and the walls.

Crestron DM NVX AV-over-IP provides video distribution throughout the entire estate, which is especially important when entertaining during football games, as each display can show the same game in any given room. Hidden TVs were tastefully incorporated to meet the high-end design expectations throughout the home. There are sophisticated mirror TVs in the bar area and a concealed TV in the music room, which is revealed by automated panels. The primary suite also includes a hidden TV at the foot of the bed, controlled by Crestron, that will slowly rise when turned on. The primary suite offers the homeowner a private sanctuary after a long day. Through the walk-in closet, there is another personal seating area where he can wind down. After putting his feet up to relax, the homeowner can rest assured that the home is secured by using the Crestron Home app to check security.


The possibilities and rooms in this home are endless. Other highlighted areas include a gym, cigar lounge, indoor pool and a music room. The gym is small but fully equipped, allowing the homeowner to box, lift weights and climb rope. Using Crestron DM NVX technology, the homeowner can watch guided workout videos or turn on his favorite music channel and let it flow throughout the house. Next to the gym is a lively music room, which features a jukebox and drum set to jam with friends and family. Through the glass walls of the home gym and the music room is a fine view of the indoor pool and sauna. The indoor pool features a connected hot tub, surrounding lounge chairs, and a year-round tempered environment.

For the home to feel personal while not entertaining, the technology and design needed to work in the smaller rooms, such as the cigar lounge and bar, study and private primary suite. Security was also an important feature. Using the Crestron Home OS, the homeowner can control the entrance gate, video entry and cameras connected through the DM NVX platform, viewable from multiple TVs. The homeowner chose to program the outside speakers to mimic a dog barking when triggered at night to keep animals away from the garden.

Chris explains,Creating a simple entertaining scene became easier once we installed Crestron DM NVX. Video distribution allows the guests to spread out around the home without missing a thing. Only Crestron could tackle the control of the unique spaces in this home. It is no ordinary home, and we needed to install an automation system of the right caliber to meet the varying demands of each space.”


Using the Crestron Home platform as a single control system made it simple for the homeowner to manage the vast property. The homeowner expressed that Crestron Home OS has made his transition to living with technology seamless by leveraging scenes and having control at the tip of his fingers.

Chris concludes, “The finishing touch to this dream home was the automation system. Without Crestron, this home would not have the finesse it does now.”

4-Series Control System


DM NVX 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Network AV Encoder/Decoder


DM NVX 4K60 4:4:4 HDR Network AV Encoder/Decoder Card with Downmixing


Cameo Keypad


10.1 in. Touch Screen


Handheld Touch Screen Remote TSR-310

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