In what is described as a ground-breaking advancement for the custom installer and securities channel, Lithe Audio and LILIN have announce the world’s first integration of LILIN’s innovative AI camera range within the Lithe Audio iO1 outdoor wireless speaker.

The partners say this pioneering technology marks a significant leap in security systems, offering an unprecedented level of automated audio deterrence without the need for a traditional control system.

This unique integration enables installers to set up both a camera and a speaker, streamlining the installation process. The synergy of LILIN’s AI cameras and Lithe Audio’s speakers provides an automated audio deterrent as part of a comprehensive security system. Built-in alarms and security announcements within the speaker ensure immediate, zero-latency local announcements independent of an internet connection.

This integration is more than a technological achievement; it’s a move towards the future of decentralised smart systems, say the companies. By eliminating the need for a central controller, the aim is empowering residential and commercial properties with more efficient, reliable and autonomous security solutions.

The system’s flexibility allows for the creation of different zones with specific announcements, catering to diverse security needs. Its user-friendly configuration makes it a groundbreaking solution suitable for a wide range of applications, from homes to businesses, say the product’s creators.

The core benefit of this integration is its proactive approach. While traditional security systems rely on footage review after an incident, this solution is designed to deter potential threats before they materialise. When a potential threat is detected, an automated announcement will quickly alert individuals in the vicinity, providing them with information and prompting appropriate actions. By informing individuals that they are under surveillance or that their actions are being monitored, potential intruders may be dissuaded from engaging in malicious activities. This enhances property security, offering peace of mind to users.

“We’re excited to be partnering with LILIN and its advanced AI security protocol to deliver this groundbreaking security solution for UK residential and commercial markets where security now converges with audio,” says Wesley Siu, co-founder of Lithe Audio.

 “Audio announcements can serve as an effective deterrent. The psychological impact of a human-like voice delivering warnings or instructions can be more persuasive than traditional alarms. Our partnership with LILIN now provides the market with high quality speakers delivering fast, smart, clear and intelligible audio alarms that are autonomous of any central controller. This is an unprecedented and highly effective solution, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this new era of smart security deterrents”.

LILIN UK’s CEO, Steve Liddiard, is similarly enthusiastic. “Pairing LILIN’s AI with Lithe Audio speakers provides homeowners with a robust security deterrent solution. The additional functionality brought by this integration, without the need for a complex home automation system, unlocks a wealth of new opportunities for clients, with customisable audio options that give the impression that the system is remotely monitored and responding directly to the event as it occurs.

“Where the traditional security manufacturer approach is to incorporate a speaker into the camera build, this limits the quality of the audio output. The LILIN & Lithe Audio partnership provides clients with a high-quality, fully customisable solution.”

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