As new guidelines set the rules on a dramatic easing of lockdown, faster tech from Dahua is said to help businesses comply. 

In the wake of Super Saturday, Habitech is throwing its support behind Dahua’s faster, more accurate and easier-to-deploy TMAC access control tech. Product Manager Stewart Day and his team are spearheading a campaign of one-to-one tutorials in order to highlight the plug-and-play versatility of the TMAC solution. 

Speed of deployment and processing will be key to helping businesses comply with the responsibilities set out by the UK government for Super Saturday and beyond. Published on June 23, the guidelines require pubs, bars, restaurants and salons to enable NHS test and trace “by keeping a temporary record of your customers and visitors for 21 days”, and to monitor “the maximum number of customers that can reasonably follow social distancing guidelines at the venue”. 

Dahua’s new Temperature Monitoring Access Control (TMAC) solution is a completely contactless and integrated system of camera, temperature/facial recognition tech, and 7in display, built into a single ‘terminal’ for easy wall, floor and desk mounting. 

Quickly deployed at entry and exit points, Dahua’s TMAC terminals can process facial images with 99% accuracy and measure temperature to 0.3°C resolution in as little as 0.2 seconds. Industry-leading accuracy and speed means businesses can rely on the rapid contactless monitoring of individuals to identify and isolate risk as part of their test and trace obligations. 

Simultaneously TMAC will remove the need for expensive, labour-intensive crowd control while giving customers the confidence that their safety is protected. In addition, its versatile multi-layer authentication allows businesses to make temperature the single access test, bolt on facemask detection, add a customer flow limiting feature, or store facial IDs temporarily. For all its virtues the TMAC platform is inexpensive (around £2k trade per stand). 

Commenting on the heightened support for TMAC, Day says, “having set-up and used TMAC I’m seriously impressed by its speed, accuracy and ease of use. We’re doing all we can to make the same impression on CI and commercial installers from a distance with our program of one-to-one support, because when they see it, they get it.”

More. We’re offering our customers the opportunity to double down on this virus for the greater good. It’s actually win-win for everybody.” 

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