Install company Rea Sound AV uses Kramer to transform the experience for a church congregation.

Cregagh Presbyterian Church, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is found on Cregagh Road, between a busy shopping area and a residential neighborhood. In this symbolic crossroads location, it has been at the heart of the district it serves for over 110 years. An inclusive and welcoming community, it hosts Sunday services, a rich array of weekly activities, a Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry and a Music Ministry.

Rea Sound AV was tasked with transforming the Cregagh Presbyterian Church into a seamlessly integrated and technologically advanced space, in the most cost-effective manner. The objective was to implement a user-friendly control system that would enhance the church’s audio-visual capabilities, while integrating smoothly with its existing infrastructure.
As a multi-building, multi-story complex, with varied spaces, the church needed the system to be very flexible, capable of supporting different spaces and meeting varying needs. The goal after all, was to facilitate an immersive and captivating experience for both in-person and remote church attendees and participants in different parts of the complex. This demanded cutting-edge technology, but it was also important that the solution match the church aesthetic.

After assessing the church’s needs, it was clear the existing infrastructure could not meet the new requirements. So, Rea Sound devised a comprehensive solution to address immediate challenges, and provide a reliable and efficient control system for future needs.
This started with the selection of Kramer Control. “We’ve done two other churches very similar to Cregagh Presbyterian and worked with Kramer for a long time on many projects, so we know the quality of its products and the ease of control and flexibility it gives,” says Roger McMullan, Director of Rea Sound AV.
A customised Kramer SL-240C room controller now serves as the central control unit, running Kramer Control. It provides an intuitive interface for church committee members to operate the system effortlessly, with no need for a technical background. Multiple Kramer KDS-EN7 AVoIP encoders distribute signals to displays and projectors, while KDS-DEC7 decoders handle input sources. And AV signals are transmitted over IP, using a NETGEAR AV Line Managed Switches.

Since installing a comprehensive Kramer Control solution, Cregagh Presbyterian Church has been enjoying a smooth and reliable user experience. The sophisticated control layout Rea Sound designed and deployed ensures the system can manage multiple audio and video inputs, with fast and smooth switching.
Roger explains, “Using an iPad as the control hub, the church committee can now easily share inputs throughout the building, including the church hall, creche, and other rooms.” This allows the congregation to participate in services from anywhere using existing televisions and projectors, with the audio and picture perfectly in sync.
Additionally, it enables engaging AV experiences for other communal events the church hosts. “The audio-visual environment was further enhanced by installing a cutting-edge projector, carefully selecting displays to match the church’s aesthetics, reconfiguring client displays, and upgrading streaming services,” Roger continues.
Overall, Cregagh Presbyterian Church has undergone a remarkable transformation. “Kramer Control met the requirements of the client, with ease of use and reliability from day one. But most importantly, it provides confidence every Sunday or mid-week service, knowing that everything will just work.” Roger concludes.

With its technologically advanced AV capabilities, Cregagh Presbyterian Church provides an immersive and captivating experience for both in-person and remote attendees, enriching the worship experience and helping extend the church’s reach to more congregants.

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