ABB has launched the ABB-free@home flex to give users control over blinds and lights from a mobile device without the need for additional wiring. With its Bluetooth connection, it can easily control smart room devices to increase comfort and improve energy efficiency.

In response to increasing demand for smart home systems that allow homeowners to manage their devices in the most efficient and sustainable way, ABB has developed this solution that enables end-users to ‘smarten’ up any room in their home.

ABB-free@home flex can be controlled by the new ABB-free@home app, which allows users to manage functions such as blinds or lights via a Bluetooth connection, from their mobile phone. It is ideal for homeowners who want the flexibility to install smart technology in one room and want to invest in a future-proof solution. It can easily be upgraded to the full ABB-free@home smart home system at a later date, by integrating a System Access Point.

ABB-free@home flex is designed to help people to use energy where and when they need it. Energy consumption can be easily controlled from a handheld mobile device. It gives users the freedom to control their space, allowing them for example to switch the lights off when the room is unoccupied.

For added flexibility, timers can be used to set lights to come on at key times of the day or night and users can save scenes on the rocker, which will move the blind to a predefined position to avoid the sun’s glare in the middle of Summer and, in turn save energy.

For greater control, the app can also link with a movement detector, to program lights to different levels of illumination depending on the time of day, for example, at 30 percent when using the bathroom at night.  This not only creates a more appealing user experience, but further reduces energy wastage.

To support the launch, the ABB-free@home app has been completely redesigned to offer improved functionality, better performance and stronger usability. The new enhanced version will also be available for all existing ABB-free@home users to download from the App Store later this year.

Oliver Iltisberger, Managing Director of ABB’s Smart Buildings business line, comments, “ABB has a clear vision on how innovative technology can create smarter living spaces, and better user experiences. The ABB-free@home flex range is an easy way to smarten up any room, that increases comfort levels, as well as helping users to manage their energy use and consumption, which supports our Smart Cities’ Mission to Zero initiative. With demand rising for smarter and more flexible technology options, ABB-free@home flex will put control firmly back in the hands of the consumer, helping them to switch on to energy savings in homes and offices.”

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