In an exciting new concept, The AWE Breakfast Show will run daily as part of EI Live! Interactive (November 16-20), a week-long digital initiative event for the home technology sector from the organisers of EI Live!  

Hosted by consumer electronics journalist, Sean Hannam, each of the AWE Breakfast Show sessions will feature industry chat and in-depth conversations with brand representatives and the experts from AWE.

Covering the latest product innovations, issues and market trends in key industry sectors, featured brands include Sony, Ring, URC, Epson and Denon, Marantz and Definitive Technology from Sound United.

What’s one the AWE Breakfast Show?

Monday November 16, 9AM

AWE featuring – Ring X Line

Why does home security make sense for integrators?  How has the new generation of Smart Security products changed the proposition?  What makes Ring X Line devices so significant?  Sean discusses all things home security with representatives from Ring and AWE.

Monday November 16, 10AM

AWE featuring Sony (Projectors)

How has lockdown impacted the demand for home cinema systems and projectors in general? Are premium projectors only for dedicated home cinema rooms? And, what makes the brand-new Sony line-up so special?  In this show, Sean will be talking with representatives from Sony and AWE to explore how the projector business is changing.

Tuesday November 17, 9AM

AWE featuring URC

Control solutions are a key part of every integrated home. In this episode, Sean chats with representatives from URC and AWE to find out more about this fast-paced market.  What is the secret to great programming software?  How are URC addressing demand for high quality multi-room audio?  What impact will the rise of the DIY smart home on this area of the market?

Wednesday November 18, 9AM

AWE featuring Denon, Marantz and Definitive Technology from Sound United

In this session, Sean is joined by representatives from AWE and Sound United. Topics covered will include the variety of immersive audio formats, including DTS-X Pro, the challenges of HDMI and why there are so many badges on the front of their AVR’s!

Thursday November 19, 9AM

AWE featuring Sony (TVs)

What makes the latest Sony TVs so attractive for installers and their customers?  What about 8K? And what are the benefits of the Android TV platform over a proprietary system?  In conversation with representatives from Sony and AWE, Sean reveals the key features and benefits in the latest Sony screens.

Thursday November 19, 10AM

AWE featuring Epson (Projectors)

Why are Epson projectors important for integrators and their customers?  What makes them different from other projectors at a similar price-point?  In conversation with representatives from Epson and AWE Sean finds out more about Epson’s huge success in the market. 

Friday November 20, 9AM

All About AWE

In this, the final Breakfast show of the week Sean chats with the AWE Team. Topics covered include what’s hot, how COVID has changed the business, and Sean’s quiz! 

Integrators can register free for each of these shows and take part in live Q&A’s at the end of each conversation.  

“New products and industry insight are the lifeblood of this industry,” says David Kitchener, Director of EI Live! Interactive and the publisher of EI magazine. “In the absence of live events, it’s critical that there is an industry platform for installers to hear about what’s new and find out how these innovations will help meet customer needs as well as giving them the opportunity to ask questions directly. That’s what EI Live! Interactive will do, and I am excited to embrace the AWE Breakfast Show as a daily highlight!”

More information on the individual sessions and free registration is available here:

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