QMotion Offers Stylish Knight And Day Options

QMotion automated shading systems bring style and convenience to Knightsbridge Gardens.

London-based technology integration firm, Digital Design Team (DDT), has completed a major new installation in Knightsbridge Gardens, a super-prime, residences-to-rent development of 33 luxury apartments in the heart of one of London’s exclusive districts, featuring exquisite interiors by the internationally acclaimed studio, Taylor Howes. The company’s integrated technology solution for the scheme is built on an easy-to-use KNX system with elegance, warmth and security provided by automated Roman and Roller Blinds, along with motorised curtain tracks, from QMotion.

“An automated solution is a must for such a uniquely prestigious development as Knightsbridge Gardens,” says Jim Maynard of DDT. “Thanks to QMotion, we’ve provided blinds and curtain tracks that meet the interior aesthetic for comfort and refinement within each apartment, at the same time as they provide essential privacy and security. They’re also easy to use, irrespective of the apartment occupier, and seamlessly integrated within the KNX system.”

Designed by the renowned London architecture practice, Fletcher Priest, Knightsbridge Gardens offers a collection of one-to-four-bedroom residences created to redefine the concept of luxury living. Each residence has been meticulously crafted to the highest standards, ensuring a turn-key experience for discerning tenants. Knightsbridge Gardens draws inspiration from the Edward Belle Epoque design movement, which influenced the creation of The Knightsbridge Estate. Each residence at Knightsbridge Gardens reflects four distinct yet complementary design concepts – Tailored, Eclectic, Modernist and Crafted.

Style and convenience

DDT fitted KNX controlled QMotion QIS Roman and Roller Blinds and TPro-30 curtain tracks to suit the different apartment types and rooms, with the architecture of each space dictating the appropriate treatments. A number of especially beautiful windows at Knightsbridge Gardens, including round and arched windows, demanded window treatments which showcased these unique shapes. Elsewhere, curtains provided natural warmth, which was particularly important for bedrooms, whereas for smaller spaces, a window treatment with a smaller footprint was preferred. Easy, intuitive operation is achieved through wall-mounted keypads.

QMotion says its shading systems are ultra-energy efficient thanks to the company’s patented spring-counterbalancing system which keeps power consumption to an absolute minimum and delivers near silent operation in every application. Meanwhile, the minimal side light gaps of just 13mm on the company’s Roller Systems ensure an attractive installation. The patented, manual-override command also allows the tenants at The Knightsbridge Gardens to operate the Tracks and Blinds by hand, without damaging the automated mechanism.

“Over time in these rented apartments, there will be many different tenants, and some will likely pull the blinds by hand, forgetting or not knowing that they are automated,” adds Jim. “With QMotion, this is absolutely not a problem. Manual operation won’t tear the blind fabric or cause any issues with the motor.”

Throughout the development, Taylor Howes have selected a harmonious palette of green accents which reinforces a sense of calm and tranquillity. Sheer curtains were used in reception rooms to allow clients to stop glare during the daytime and for privacy during the evenings. The same sheer fabric was used across the whole development to keep a common thread and to ensure the same aesthetic from the façade and the courtyard, overlooked by many apartments.

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