Installers are probably fully aware the difficulties involved in installing a dimmer switch in a user’s home, but thanks to years of practice it’s probably a task that can be done in one’s sleep. Despite that, over in the consumer sector Philips has offered an alternative for those users who can’t deal with the faff involved in installing a dimmer switch, but still want a dimmable bulb.

Dubbed the Philips SceneSwitch, this LED bulb is capable of three dimming levels: bright light, natural light and cosy, warm light. So those reading may be thinking – if there’s no dimmer switch, how does this bulb dim? Well, that’s where Philips has solved that age old question, with the company’s bulbs being dimmable through a mere flick of the switch, or if you want the bright life, a mere three flicks of the switch.

It may not be the most elegant solution in the world and installers will always know that their expertise in installing a dimmer switch will always be far superior to this bulb, but in terms of value for money Philips SceneSwitch is hard to beat. This dimmable bulb will retail for £9.99 and it’s completely plug and play. That means there’s no need for a dimmer switch or any structural changes needed.

Philips describes the three settings as follows:

1. Bright light – Perfect for those occasions where you need to see every detail, such as applying make-up. The Philips SceneSwitch bright light setting, at 2700K/800Lm, provides a brighter more intensive light to help you focus and experience every detail.
2. Natural light – A setting that mimics natural light, which is ideal for reading a book. At 2500K/320Lm, it is a less intense, natural light which creates and inviting ambiance to wind down with a good book.  The natural light setting is similar to a 40w bulb, and can be found between the other two settings.

3. Cosy, warm light – The rise in watching movies and on-demand TV6 at home, is another reason that the home has to be adaptable and provide a suitable space for getting comfortable and watching a film. The cosy warm glow, at 2200K/80Lm, is perfect for helping you relax and enjoy the moment.

The brightness of the SceneSwitch bulbs will cycle between 100, 40 and 10% brightness each time a user flips the switch off and then back on again. Specifically, that is 800, 320 and 80 lumens, or about the equivalent of a 60W bulb, a 40W bulb and an accent/mood light.

Not only is the brightness different, but Philips has also tweaked the colour temperature between settings too. At 100% the colour temperature is the yellowy default of 2,700K, while the dimmest setting is 2,200K – so notably more orangey.

The SceneSwitch bulb will initially be available in an A series format, with a spotlight and flame-style design set to launch at a later stage. The bulbs should arrive in the UK in the next few weeks.

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