NuVo’s modular multi-room audio system is now available in a variety of bundles to make specifying the system easier for installers, thanks to UK distributor Habitech

Habitech is positioning the NuVo modular multi-room audio system as a ‘great performing, reliable and versatile’ option for custom installers seeking to add luxury sound to discreet home AV system upgrades.

With the new bundles, Habitech is making it easier than ever to install NuVo’s modular multi-room audio system – with everything an installer needs all in one pack.

NuVo’s system comes with the Audyssey music technologies which claims to offer a superior listening experience, with the company’s multi-room platform supporting multiple audio formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV and Ogg Vorbis. It plays high-resolution audio files up to 96/24 and connects with Spotify, Napster, Deezer and TuneIn music services, with Tidal coming soon.

There are two-way drivers available for all the major home control systems including Vantage, MyHome, Control 4, RTi, Pro Control and Crestron, while the NuVo P3100 and P3500 player/amp modules build the system in 3-zone stages, each occupying 1U of rack space: 1U for three zones, 2U for six, 3U for nine etc.

Additional music libraries on hard drive connect through USB can expand the choice of music available on the system in any room via the NuVo App or new P20 wall keypad.

Habitech’s new NuVo system bundles are as follows:

• Bundle 1 teams NuVo’s P3100 3-zone player/amp (40W per zone) with three pairs of Sonance CR6 trimless in-ceiling speakers.

• Bundle 2 combines the P3100 with three pairs of Nuvo 2IC6 trimless in-ceiling speakers.

• Bundle 3 marries the P3100 with two pairs of Nuvo 2IC6 and the Nuvo 2IC6DV single stereo speaker.

• Bundle 4 teams the NuVo P3500 Professional Series 3-zone player/amp (200W per zone) with three pairs of Nuvo 2IC6 trimless in-ceiling speakers.

NuVo is backed by Habitech’s commitment to regular hands-on training, readily available stock, as well as pre and post-sales support and system specification.

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