Loewe is launching its first OLED television. Called Bild 7 (‘bild’ means ‘picture’ in German), the new TV will be installed as the German manufacturer’s flagship model when it launches this September.

Bild 7’s OLED panel is custom-made for Loewe by LG under the two company’s new agreement.

To add to the existing benefits of OLED panel technology, Loewe has added minimalist design, enhanced sound, picture processing, an integrated hard disk (PVR) and a range of connectivity options.

Loewe wants to join the ranks of manufacturers taking advantage of OLED with its self-illuminate pixels, natural colour palette, increased black levels and wider viewing angle.

Loewe says the Bild 7 incorporates the most advanced OLED panel currently in existence and combines it with Loewe’s proprietary picture processing.

Loewe calls this ‘VantaVision’, a term derived from VantaBlack, the darkest man-made substance ever created.

The TV comes in two screen sizes (55in and 65in) and supports 4K Ultra HD and HDR (High Dynamic Range), with Dolby Vision to follow shortly after launch.

It is also compliant with the Ultra HD Premium standard (currently awaiting certification).

The Bild 7 also boasts what the manufacturer says is its best-ever integrated soundbar, incorporating six high-specification active drive units coupled to 120W amplification – twice the power of the speaker system in LG’s flagship 65in G6 ‘Signature’ TV and three times that of the rest of the LG OLED range.

Low-frequency performance is enhanced by the addition of four ‘racetrack’-style ABRs (Auxiliary Bass Radiators), replacing the bass reflex design of previous Loewe models.

Loewe highlights the improvement in midrange performance, which enhances the clarity of dialogue.

Loewe also makes a range of active speakers (both wired and wireless) and powered subwoofers for stereo, 2.1, 3.1 or 5.1 surround sound to partner the set.

The TV incorporates Dolby and DTS surround sound processing, enabling a full home cinema system to be created.

The screen is less than 7mm thick, its aluminium bezel finished in matt graphite grey (similar to Apple’s Space Grey). This coordinates with a choice of dark or light grey acoustic fabric for the soundbar at the front and cable cover at the back, ensuring the TV looks good from every angle.

The Bild 7’s motorised movement delivers a super-minimal TV.

Switch the TV on and the screen slides smoothly upwards, revealing the soundbar beneath.

Switch it off and the screen silently returns to its original position, hiding the soundbar from view.

The TV comes with a wall mount, with optional table and floor stands available in matching graphite grey. The floor stand sports a motorised swivel action; the table stand can be specified with or without motorised swivel.

The stands are sized differently for the 55in and 65in screens, ensuring each ensemble remains in proportion.

An improved GUI (Graphical User Interface) is also included as is a 1TB hard disk recorder (expandable to 2TB).

In addition to operating as a built-in Freeview HD PVR for recording and archiving TV programmes, Loewe’s DR+ hard drive also acts as a video server accessible from other Loewe TV sets in the home for DR+ Streaming.

Viewers can pause a programme and pick up where they left off on another DR+-equipped TV in a different room.

The TV’s triple-tuner, dual-channel configuration allows viewers to watch one channel while following a second in picture-in-picture mode and recording a third on the hard drive.

Loewe Mobile Recording allows users to schedule recordings when out and about via the Loewe Smart Assist app for Android and iOS smartphones.

Loewe also offers a built-in wireless multi-room functionality, enabling live TV and audio to be streamed from one Loewe set to another or synchronised across the whole house, good for music play-back.

Other content options come vie Bluetooth connectivity as handhelds can communicate with the set.

All this functionality come thanks to version 4.0 of Loewe’s TV operating system, due to launch alongside the Bild 7.

The Loewe Bild 7 OLED TV is made in Germany and will be available from September, priced at £4,490 for the 55in screen (Bild 7.55) and £6,490 for the 65in screen (Bild 7.65).

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