Kordz Purrs Over SlimCat Innovation

New Kordz SlimCat, a Complete One-of-a-Kind Network Cable System that Delivers All the Power of Category 6 in Half the Size

Backed by 20 years of global manufacturing experience and deep knowledge of the systems integration industry, multi-award-winning professional-grade cabling manufacturer Kordz says it understands what systems integrators need to design and install robust, reliable networks quickly and efficiently. Its latest innovation, SlimCat, comprises bulk-reducing 4mm diameter Category 6 cable, and specially designed RJ45 crimp connectors and RJ45 keystone sockets for robust, compact end-to-end connectivity.

A one-of-a-kind cabling solution developed to streamline installation in smaller spaces or where retrofitting cable is difficult, SlimCat fills a void in the industry while supporting 100W PoE++ and delivering 1Gbps network connectivity up to 50 meters. Illustrating the company’s strong belief in the value of robustness, the new SlimCat system incorporates Kordz’s 2000-cycle latch, the same one used in the patented connector in Kordz’s popular patch cords.

“For some projects, standard Category 6 cable is too bulky to install easily and discretely. Structured cabling is a mature and saturated market, so we decided to approach the category differently by developing a complete Category 6 networking system of products that takes up significantly less space to reach areas that other cabling solutions can’t,” says James Chen, Kordz Managing Director. “The diameter of the unshielded 28AWG SlimCat cable is half the size of 23AWG and 24AWG network cable, highly flexible with a 32mm bend radius, and when paired with the SlimCat Keystone RJ45 Socket, performs to ANSI/TIA-58.2-D Category 6 permanent link standards up to 50 meters. As always, systems integrators can rely on the Kordz promise of ‘Connectivity Assured.’”

The SlimCat system comes with a lifetime warranty and complies with both EU and US fire rating standards. Components are conveniently packaged in standard lengths in an easily identifiable Reel-in-Box.

Components included in the SlimCat line include

  • PRO SlimCat Category 6 U/UTP Network Cable
  • PRO SlimCat Category 6 RJ45 Crimp Connector
  • PRO SlimCat RJ45 Strain Relief
  • PRO SlimCat Keystone RJ45 Socket

Like all Kordz products, each component of the SlimCat system has been individually tested during each phase of production for quality assurance and adheres to the latest performance standards and fire ratings.

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