Invision UK is now shipping the iKNiX RTI Gateway to its customers across the UK, with the company promising installers ‘effortless KNX integration with RTI’.

iKNiX is designed to make integrating RTI with KNX HVAC, lighting, blind control and more effortless and simple.

The iKNiX ProServ is supposedly the world’s first controller that is configured using only ETS. It has support for 18 zones, 16 objects max (1000 datapoints) and it comes with an RTI Driver included.

The iKNiX Port Gateway is used as Interface for connecting to KNX/EIB both on telegram level (KNXnet/IP Tunnelling) and on data point level (KNX Application Layer). It is possible to connect to KNX/EIB-Bus everywhere over LAN. Bus connection over the Internet with KNiX Port Gateway is also possible.

Peter Biggin, technical sales manager from Invision UK notes: “KNX is a highly flexible and interoperable lighting and building management system. RTI is the most flexible control platform to add to a KNX installation and provides an ideal integration platform, linking the AV Control with the building management.

“The gateway comes complete with a comprehensive driver so RTI can interact two-way with a KNX system. There are also three versions of the gateway, the ProServ unit includes a free App to control the KNX natively along with the RTI driver controlling 1000 data points”.

To find out more information on the iKNiX Gateway installers can call the Invision UK office on 01359 270280 or visit the company’s website.

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