New DTS Play-Fi Home Theater Technology is the first to provide a wireless surround sound experience directly from Wi-Fi enabled televisions bringing customers an aesthetically pleasing full-surround sound experience free of wires.

DTS, global player in next-generation audio, imaging and sensing technology and a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation (Nasdaq: XPER) (Xperi), has announced DTS Play-Fi is bringing wireless surround sound to the masses. By working over industry-standard Wi-Fi, Play-Fi Home Theater adds a first-of-its-kind surround sound capability to TVs without incurring additional hardware costs for manufacturers or consumers.  Televisions featuring DTS Play-Fi Home Theater will hit the market in the third quarter of 2021 and are compatible with the existing ecosystem of Play-Fi soundbars, speakers and amplifiers.

The company says DTS Play-Fi’s latest innovation solves industry issues related to poor sound quality from ever thinner TVs and what is claims is the limited appeal of surround sound in the home due to the inherent aesthetic challenges of speaker wires and HDMI cables. Play-Fi Home Theater offers several configurations to wirelessly upgrade a TV’s audio performance and bring surround sound to any room. Consumers using TVs featuring Play-Fi Home Theater can:

●            Use the TV’s built-in speakers as part of the surround system or upgrade them with a Play-Fi enabled soundbar or Play-Fi enabled front speakers to improve audio quality without needing wiring between TVs and external speakers or electronics  

●            Add Play-Fi enabled speakers as surround speakers to envelop the listener in sound

●            Add up to two Play-Fi enabled subwoofers to bring bass to the TV

●            Utilize Play-Fi’s complementary functionality, like multi-room grouping of the TV with Play-Fi enabled speakers for music and TV audio, and app-based headphone listening

DTS Play-Fi automatically adapts to the number of speakers connected to the TV giving users a modular way to meet the needs of their room or a path to upgrade over time as they purchase additional components.

“We’re thrilled to introduce this latest DTS Play-Fi Home Theater technology to the market,” says Dannie Lau, General Manager DTS Play-Fi.  “Consumers no longer need to compromise aesthetics for an improved audio experience. They can attain better sound quality simply by using a wireless subwoofer placed out of sight or build a high-performance home theater using a full complement of wireless speakers and subwoofers.”

The DTS Play-Fi ecosystem features a large collection of products in the whole-home wireless audio space, with hundreds of interoperable speakers, televisions, soundbars, set-top boxes, and AV receivers available from over 30 consumer electronics brands, delivering the ability to interoperate and find the right product for their individual needs.

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