With the impending retirement of Tim Jenks in June 2018, the CAI are now looking to recruit a new Senior Executive to replace him. It is anticipated that this position will be available from April 2018 to allow a three-month overlap period.

Background on the CAI

The Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) is the prime trade association for multimedia content delivery, set up in 1978 to represent all aspects of the aerial industry to include installers, manufacturers and distributors as well as broadcasters and broadcast operators. More recently membership has expanded to encompass emerging technologies such as CCTV and those involved in the Connected Home.  The association is a not for profit organisation run by a board of directors, elected by the membership and is seeking to employ a new Senior Executive to move the association forward.

The CAI mission is:

‘To continue and develop as the lead body for the ongoing creation of standards and education in media distribution and emerging technologies.’

Job Description

The new incumbent will liaise with the Company Secretary, board of directors and sub-committees whilst understanding the needs of all staff members. The association requires management decisions and subsequent implementation of the long and short term plans for development of the association. This role will act as a direct liaison between the board and administration of the association as it drives towards achieving its mission statement, whilst being responsible to the board on decisions made.

  1. Responsibilities
  • Working with the Company Secretary on the day-to-day operational management of the organisation.
  • The ongoing development of partnerships and relationships with broadcasters, broadcast operators, construction industry trades, housing management authorities, government and the like.
  • Develop and explore new and existing benefits for the membership.
  • Identify and implement recruitment initiatives into new and allied areas.
  • Tie together CAI aims and objectives in work streams that drive the CAI public profile higher.
  • Regular reporting and presentation of activities to Board of Directors.
  1. Requirements / or Experience
  • High level of commercial acumen.
  • Clearly defined record of purpose / goal achievement.
  • Strong communication, presentation and negotiation skills.
  • Knowledge or understanding of profit and loss, budgetary management and key performance indicators.
  • A basic understanding of synergies that drive trade associations.
  • The production of analytical and discussion documentation.
  1. Personal Skills
  • Clear judgement for quick, sound decision-making.
  • Influential strength that inspires confidence and trust.
  • Self motivated and ability to generate and plan strategic work streams.

Salary and hours to be negotiated.  Regular attendance at the CAI Headquarters in Watford will also be required.

Applications should be made in writing (including a full CV) by either post to CAI Ltd, Communications House, 41a Market Street, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 0PN or by email to the Company Secretary, Mrs B Walker, on bev@cai.org.uk

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