B-Tech has revealed a new flat screen wall mount that is suitable for displays measuring up to 75in and weighing 45kg, dubbed the BT8225.

The BT8225 is being lauded as an ‘ultra-slim’ flat screen wall mount with twin cantilever arms and is available in both black and white versions.

Unlike some other wall mounts on the market, B-Tech believes both commercial and residential installers could use the BT8225.

It has been designed to mount medium to large sized screens and features a tilting interface and three swivel points, which have been designed to allow quick and easy repositioning of screens as required – whether folded flat to the wall at a depth of just 40mm or at maximum extension.

Cover plates to hide fixing and integrated cable management has been designed to make this a ‘neat and tidy’ mounting solution for commercial applications as well as home installations.

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