As a response to feedback from partners and workplace trends, the 2N AR app includes a ‘virtual installation’ function where products can be tried out for size, shape, colour variations and positioning.

2N, global player in internet-enabled intercoms and access control systems, has launched an augmented reality app, 2N AppeAR, that allows architects, engineers, integrators and installers to see how the company’s products would look if incorporated into their projects.

For every 2N product, 2N AppeAR provides detailed 3D models, technical information, useful videos, and the option to view them disassembled. It also enables ‘virtual installation’ so that architects and installers can ensure that the 2N product they have chosen is the right fit for their project. Users simply point their phone at the place they are considering installing the device and an augmented reality image of it appears on the screen as if it were in the room. Through the app, they can then evaluate the products for size, shape and positioning, as well as trying out different colour variations.

Market feedback

The app is a response to a survey that 2N ran with architects and installers, which emphasised the increasing value that their own customers place on getting every detail of the building right – and, specifically, on the importance of design. In workplaces, this reflects the conclusions of other industry experts, including Knight Frank, who indicated that one of the top workplace trends for 2022 was the race towards quality space, with high-end design playing an important role in creating an office environment that employees consider worthy of the commute. The feedback from 2N’s partners was clear: not only do architects and installers prioritise well-designed products, they also want to understand what they will look like in situ before making a final decision.

2N AppeAR follows two other 2N tools that have proved particularly popular with architects: 2N Virtual Experience, a 3D animation tool to facilitate the planning process and help ensure that the best access control solution is proposed for each project, and 2N Project Designer, a step-by-step guide to save partners time when planning both commercial and residential installations.

Michael Nicholson, Business Development Manager for the UK & Ireland at 2N, says, “Access control only amounts to about 0.1% of the total cost of a building’s construction, but there is a growing understanding of its importance – in terms of aesthetics as well as security. Our customers care about great design because beautiful devices enhance the value of their projects. Understandably, they therefore want to be able to see how the products will actually look. 2N AppeAR means that they no longer have to imagine our solutions.

2N AppeAR is already available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. A video explaining its benefits is available here 2N AppeAR

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