Zuma and John Cullen Lighting announce the launch of the groundbreaking ‘Zuma Lumisonic Pro for John Cullen Downlight’.

Zuma, award-winning integrated speaker light pioneers, has announced a new partnership with the industry-leading luxury lighting design house, John Cullen Lighting. Together, both British-based brands present a new product, the Zuma Lumisonic Pro for John Cullen Downlight. This new approach to home audio and lighting is a first of its kind – bringing together Zuma’s downlights embedded with speakers, engineered by some of the best minds in the business, with the lifestyle-focused, architectural elegance of John Cullen’s preeminent lighting expertise.

The partners have worked together to create a high performance, virtually invisible multiroom audio and lighting system, incorporated into a compact, 56mm recessed downlight louvre. A ceiling-flush honeycomb design means, when installed, the unit is unobtrusive, only revealing a discreet pinhole baffle – with all other components hidden out of sight. The collaboration with John Cullen’s design team ensures the downlight can be plastered-in flush, allowing the sound and lighting system to blend seamlessly into the aesthetic of the ceiling. The viewable area of the honeycomb louvre is just over two inches diameter, everything else is hidden. If you need to remove Zuma, a release system ensures you do not damage the plaster.  The maker says this ingenious system means Zuma’s immersive sound and colour tunable lighting is made virtually invisible to the naked eye.


From behind its discreet honeycomb louvre, the Zuma Lumisonic Pro for John Cullen downlight features some of the most advanced wireless sound and lighting technology available today, say the partners. In an array, the compact, Hi-Fi grade loudspeaker fills each room with audio – offering exhaustive playback options from streaming services, radio and audiobooks. An advanced LED light engine delivers lumen and colour temperature tunable lighting with a CRI of +90, alongside circadian settings that track the changing daylight throughout the day. Wellbeing presets bring mindfulness back into the heart of the home, combining light and sound in unique ‘soundscapes’ that can energise the body or relax the mind. All these features are controlled wirelessly from the palm of the hand via the Zuma app.

With Hi-Fi audio integrated into the downlights, homeowners achieve seamless integration of audio into the living space without the need for additional speakers. This setup offers a clean and minimalist aesthetic while delivering high-quality sound throughout the room. It saves space and reduces clutter, enhancing overall ambiance and functionality.


The Zuma Lumisonic Pro for John Cullen downlight also features full-flush adjustable fitting, a honeycomb louvre to provide glare protection and a unique, pinhole aperture for mastering tight beams. This allows the speaker light to employ a reduced beam angle of 38 degrees, down from the standard 50 degrees. With no protrusion below the ceiling, and a unique ‘cape’ that blocks any view into the ceiling void, it is well suited to where concealed lighting is preferred. And with IP65 rating, the new product can be installed in any room in the home, including the bathroom.

The Zuma Lumisonic Pro for John Cullen offers a seamless alternative eliminating the need for dedicated cables and amplifiers. Everything is integrated, bypassing the necessity for separate amplifiers, racks, or control systems.

Zuma can also be employed alongside system control from Rako, integrated into comprehensive lighting design schemes, complementing a diverse range of lighting options and designs.

Morten Warren, Founder & CEO, Zuma Array, says, “It’s a great privilege for us to partner with the visionary team at John Cullen Lighting for this new product. Zuma endeavours to bring beautiful sound and immersive lighting into the modern home whilst eliminating the need for cluttered surfaces and confusing tech. Now, with this collaboration, Zuma’s unique value proposition is raised to a whole new level. With John Cullen Lighting’s stunning, discreet design elevation, the Zuma Lumisonic for John Cullen Downlight becomes the new ‘must-have’ solution for premium installations.”

Herman Van Driel, CEO, John Cullen Lighting, adds, “This marriage of outstanding sound and light integrated into a single discreet fitting provides a unique experience, taking the ordinary to the extraordinary. The combined expertise of John Cullen and Zuma has ensured this genre of light and music is taken to a new level.”

The product is available now from the John Cullen Lighting showroom in London, Paris and Dubai and the John Cullen Lighting website.

Zuma Lumisonic Pro for John Cullen will retail for £650.00 per downlight.

Key features

●       Flangeless trim designed to sit flush with the surface of the ceiling for a discrete fitting.

●       Pinhole aperture for mastering tight beams.

●       Low-glare downlight.

●       Popular where concealed lighting is needed or low ceilings.

●       No protrusion below the ceiling.

●       Unique ‘cape’ blocks any view into the ceiling void.

●       Perfect for soft flood beams.

●       No hard edges – it gently disappears into the fabric of the ceiling.

●       Patented installation ‘blade’ system means the plaster work is not damaged even when it is removed from the ceiling or when flush mounted.

●       IP65 rated.

●       90+ CRI.

●       2700K to 4800K.

●       Dynamic Circadian Rhythm settings.

●       Features a wide aperture for a brighter output.

●       Control the hue, saturation, and intensity of light to create the perfect ambiance with over 100 tunable lighting scenes.

●       Voice fully controllable.

●       App IoS and Android compatible.

●       Roon Read.

●       Control 4, Lutron, Rako, and Crestron drivers available.

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