As part of its commitment to providing remote training during these difficult times, Invision has announced a new webinar from Samsung: Micro LED technology and the future of screens. 

Samsung will be joined by Tom Garrett from Trinnov Audio, who will be talking about the Phantom Centre Channel and how Trinnov has partnered with Samsung in their Monaco showroom.

This webinar will involve an explanation of the technology behind Micro LED screens, the future of these screens, and a detailed investigation into Samsung’s, The Wall.

Micro LED technology and the future of screens webinar key topics:

⦁ What is a Micro LED screen, what are the differences in LED size and pixel pitch?

⦁ Where can they be used?

⦁ What challenges do they present and how do you overcome them?

⦁ The Phantom Centre Channel.

⦁ What makes The Wall so special?

⦁ The future of Micro LED screens.

The webinar will start at 11:00 on Thursday April 2.

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