Waterfall Audio partners with Int3 to provide visitors with acoustic and aesthetics solutions for lifestyle living rooms and private cinemas.

Int3 solutions will complement any interior design with outstanding finishes bringing style, visual impact and acoustic perfection, says the company.

Waterfall will demonstrate its powerful, compact and elegant 2.1 system featuring Elora Evo + Sub, as well as two-channel audio demos, showcasing the ‘timeless’ Victoria Evo.

On the Private cinema side, Waterfall will showcase its thundering Pro Custom Series as a 2.2 system featuring LCR500 and SUB600S, powered by the recently launched new RS700 DSP Amplifier; 700 W per channel, packed with innovating technologies for driver control and protection.

Int3 solutions offer bespoke cinema interiors and custom media walls, incorporating fabric walls, acoustic treatments, and dynamic lighting solutions from Light Walls. Int3 will provide the exhibition stand to demonstrate Waterfall Audio technology integrated with Int3 solutions in the best way possible. For the first time the ISE presence will showcase fully isolated Modular Baffle Wall engineered by DT.

Do not miss the stand’s evening sessions of ‘Pumping up’ the volume where visitors can meet and discuss future projects, plan and bring to life their next home cinema room.

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