Visual Systems Sales Ltd recently won a Smart Building Award for Best Commercial Integration Project for its Monmouth Kitchen Covent Garden London – Bar and Restaurant install.

“It was a privilege and honour for Visual Systems to win this award again; it’s a validation for all the hard work our staff have put into this specific project and all the projects we work on,” said Ray Sappal, technical director, Visual Systems. “I think a huge thanks goes to our sales department and to the project and design teams who work under enormous pressure and tight time scales to achieve sometimes what seems the impossible.

“With most projects the construction side takes priority, leaving the audio visual second fix and commissioning left to what seems like the last moment before the client walks in. Our team of highly experienced engineers and project managers are used to working in these conditions with multiple trades all vying for the same space to complete their works. Where building work delays impact us we will work around this to still achieve completion timescales, leaving a satisfied client and customer.

“Since completion of this restaurant we have been awarded two more projects for the same chain which again is all down to our experienced and hardworking staff,” he adds.

Visual Systems Sales Ltd

Visual Systems designed a music system that was zoned to enable the bar area to be set at a higher level than the restaurant zone and entrance area. A Bose commercial solution was chosen using a Freespace 3 sub base and satellite cube speakers to provide coverage of the areas, while a Bose DS16 ceiling speaker with its own Bose VC control panel was installed into the main entrance.

Back of house and an open kitchen area are served by eight Bose DS16 ceiling speakers, installed to enable same sound to be replayed throughout the open kitchen to match the main zones in the bar and restaurant areas.

A local DJ point and pioneer DJ equipment are provided in a moveable flight case for weekends and events, and black and white cube speakers were chosen to match the décor in the areas, with sub base units hidden under the seating and within cabinets with a baffle cover to enable free sound coverage with no loss or vibration by the use of dampening material under subs.

All cabling runs back to a basement comms room where the team installed a Bose ESP8080 and two Bose PowerMatch amplifiers to feed speaker zones.

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