At ISE 2018, Stealth Acoustics, audio concealment specialist, says it will demonstrate how its LR4g 2-panel, premium invisible speaker provides the perfect high quality, aesthetic solution for surround sound Dolby Atmos cinemas.

“Every speaker manufacturer and integrator shouted a big ‘Woo-Hoo’ the day that Atmos came to market. After all, more surround channels equal more speaker sales, right?” says Steve Olzsewski, VP at Stealth Acoustics. “The reality is that with more speakers comes the potential for more bulky speaker boxes or unsightly grilles adding clutter to the aesthetic design of the room. No one wants that. For dealers keen to keep architects, interior designers and homeowners happy, then Stealth has the Atmos answer with invisible speakers of the highest calibre.”

Stealth explains that its LR4g invisible speaker uses a patented combination of directly coupled mid/high tweeters and real cone woofer bass stage, designed to lead to smooth and articulate response from 45Hz-18kHz – all from a totally invisible speaker solution. Add in the near hemispherical coverage of Stealth speakers and the maker says integrators can deliver a system that sounds spectacular from the front and rear ‘X’ axis, side ‘Y’ axis and the ceiling ‘Z’ axis. Stealth says that in a Dolby Atmos cinema designed using its speakers, placement is flexible delivering a more real world solution. There are no grills to visually align and Stealth’s wide coverage angles help spread the sound around smoothly and evenly from the speaker, without the on-axis ‘beaming’ that can occur.

In addition, Stealth says its speakers sound the same virtually anywhere in their near hemispherical coverage, making localisation cues available evenly in the extremely wide pattern. The idea is to deliver bigger panoramas and better spatial cues for more seats. Traditional speakers tend to change their sonic qualities from different listening angles which can confuse spatial location details and response blend relative to listening angle.

Finally, if the surround speaker can carry lower programme material, then the integrator has more options to properly tune the system, and the more realistic that helicopter sounds when it lands right on the listeners head. Stealth also says that its approach helps with bass extension as its easier to include speakers large enough to deliver it as they are invisible. Check it all out on Stand 5-R110.

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