StarScape Lights Up EI Live! 2022

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Starscape first attended EI Live! in 2015 to showcase the innovative Infinity star ceiling system. Since then, it has grown to a worldwide brand, with over 1000 installations across the globe. Now, in 2022, Starscape celebrates 10 years of the Infinity system and it’s never been better! Released in 2012, Infinity has striven to be at the forefront of fibre optic lighting within the Home Cinema sector. The principles of Infinity are straightforward – an easy-to-price, simple-to-fit, modular star ceiling that enhances any room. Every aspect of the Infinity system undergoes constant assessment to ensure that it not only adheres to the core principles; but exceeds and improves upon them. As the product has developed, custom designed components have replaced the original off the shelf parts, maintaining Infinity’s reputation for high quality and ease of installation. Additional visual effects such constellations or shooting stars are now available, along with a range of fabrics to accommodate both the aesthetic and acoustic requirements of the end user.

While a traditional cinema environment is the usual space for an Infinity ceiling, its first decade has seen the system used in restaurants, bedrooms, night clubs and even a bowling alley! The range of options for Infinity ensures it has a solution for almost any space.

Starscape’s display at EI Live! 2022 (Stand 82a) will feature an Infinity array centrepiece along with a small test area, enabling visitors to get a hands-on experience of the product. Two members of the team; Martin and Lauren, will be available both days to answer questions, and there are also a limited number of spots during the event for pre-booked 1-to-1 consultation.

Images courtesy of Cyberhomes, Bespoke Home Cinemas and The Sound Gallery.

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