Sonus faber offers Olympica Nova in Piano Black

Sonus faber’s seven-strong Olympica Nova collection benefits from a new piano black finish option.

Sonus faber has unveiled an all-new piano black finish option for its award-winning Olympica Nova AV loudspeaker collection.

The seven-strong speaker collection, which includes a stand-mount, three floorstanders, two centre channels, plus an on-wall model, is the second iteration of Sonus faber’s original Olympica collection and pays homage to the debut models, while adding innovative trickle-down technologies, including new drivers, crossovers and internal volume tuning, plus updated cabinets and a renewed exterior design.

sonus faber speaker

Olympica Nova is available in Walnut and Wenge finishes, and now, the all-new piano black finish, offering listeners greater choice when system-matching loudspeakers to existing equipment, home décor, or home cinema systems/installations.

All Olympica Nova models eschew flat panels and parallel cabinet sides to improve enclosure performance and maintain the typical asymmetrical Lute shape of the first-generation Olympica. The shape of the cabinet is an original design concept that allows versatile positioning to help tune the bass response in any room.

Pricing and availability

Olympica Nova in piano black is available through authorised Sonus faber dealers from 1 November 2022. Sonus faber is distributed in the UK by Fine Sounds UK.

Olympica Nova W (wall) £3,500

Olympica Nova Ci (2-way centre) £4,500

Olympica Nova Cii (3-way centre) £6,500

Olympica Nova I (2-way standmount) £5,950

Olympica Nova II (3-way floorstander) £8,950

Olympica Nova III (3-way floorstander) £11,900

Olympica Nova V (3-way floorstander) £14,900

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