SnapAV, a leading source of A/V, surveillance, control, networking, and remote management products for pros, has announced a strategic distribution partnership with audio component manufacturer, Parasound, to make 41 Parasound products immediately available to SnapAV customers.

“We’re thrilled to add Parasound to our portfolio, further establishing SnapAV as the place Where Pros Buy Audio, providing a one-stop-shop that gives dealers everything needed to deliver a fully immersive experience to every customer in every space,” says Matt Kamp, Sr. Director, Category Management, SnapAV. “And by adding Parasound, we’re providing dozens of audio products to our dealers who demand best-in-class audio when designing two-channel and home theatre systems.”

SnapAV customers who complete the approval process immediately have access to the very best in Parasound high-fidelity amplification for home theatre, two-channel systems, and multiroom audio – including access to the exclusive line of Halo products. The partnership provides SnapAV dealers with full access to four distinct product lines:

  • Halo: Parasound’s premier line of power amps, integrated amps, and preamps rival the most expensive high-end brands at a fraction of the price. The line combines premium components with the most innovative, useful features, which has helped it to earn a multitude of honours and awards.
    • ZoneMaster: These high-performance amplifiers are made for custom installation, combining Parasound Class-AB sound quality with the most reliable Class D power modules in the industry. The line-up includes two-, four- and 12-channel power amplifiers for a new standard in residential and commercial amplification.
    • Z Custom: Ultra-compact components for high-end performance where space is tight. Z Custom components are equally comfortable on a desk or in a rack.
    • NewClassic: Parasound’s refresh of its classic design consists of two-channel power amplifiers and a preamplifier. Equipped with useful features, it’s known for maximum bang-for-the-buck sonic performance.

SnapAV builds and curates the best audio brands in the industry so dealers can better customise their client’s audio experiences. Parasound’s reputation as a high-end, high-value brand dates back nearly 40 years and is driven by finding the sweet spot between price and performance.

While some competitors market their multi-channel amplifier power ratings based on driving just two channels, Parasound products utilise dedicated high-output power supplies to drive demanding loudspeakers with authority, providing huge, uninterrupted power to every channel even with all channels being driven. For example, the five-channel A51 amplifier provides 400 watts per channel at 4 ohms, with all channels driven. They also offer a low signal-to-noise ratio for clean, detailed sound reproduction.

“The addition of SnapAV is a milestone in our 39 year history,” says Parasound President, Richard Schram. “Partnering with SnapAV  enables us to reach a fast-growing community of qualified custom installers who recognise the profit opportunities of including high quality audio in their bids. They have invested heavily in supporting their customers before, during, and after the sale; in carrying significant inventory for prompt order fulfillment; and in creating a business model that makes it easy to do business. Parasound perfectly complements SnapAV’s highly respected speaker brands and this should be music to everyone’s ears.”

Parasound’s premier audio systems will be available through, as well as through all of SnapAV’s local distribution locations, including Allnet, CPD, MRI and Volutone.

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