Samsung has announced a brand-new line-up of smart home products under its SmartThings brand, and it includes everything from a security camera and smart bulb, as well as a smart plug. Unfortunately, despite SmartThings being made available in the UK, there’s no confirmation as to whether or not the products will be made available in the UK.  

When SmartThings came onto the market, many saw it as a major threat to custom installed options, as it made plug and play automation easier than ever. Worries heightened when Samsung acquired the firm, especially considering the tech giant has clout across multiple product categories – from appliances to smartphones. Thankfully for the custom install industry, Samsung hasn’t really done all that much with SmartThings, but they could be set to change.  

There are three new products joining the SmartThings line-up; the SmartThings Cam, SmartThings Smart Bulb, and Wifi Smart Plug. Arguably the key product in the line-up is the SmartThings Cam, which will compete with the likes of the Nest Cam and Netgear’s Arlo. But how does Samsung’s offering differ? 

Well, while many indoor cameras are limited to a 130-degree view, the SmartThings Cam can see more in a home during the day or night using a Full HD (1080p) 145-degree, wide-angle camera with night vision. SmartThings Cam’s wider view also utilises HDR technology to offer a better picture.  

Samsung has equipped the SmartThings Cam with two-way communication through a built-in speaker, while everything can be managed from the SmartThings app. In recent years, Samsung has tweaked the SmartThings app with new features and a refreshed design, and it’s arguably one of the best out there right now. It also features tons of features for those wishing to link together devices from other manufacturers.  

“We want to help families keep their connected lives simple and seamless using SmartThings to bring together hundreds of popular smart home products in one platform,” said SK Kim, Senior Director, IoT Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics America.  

“Our new SmartThings Cam, Wifi Smart Plug and Smart Bulb create new pathways into our smart home platform, where users will discover how everyday tasks can easily be automated.” 

As with all smart cameras, the SmartThings Cam charges extra for cloud storage. Thankfully, you get the initial 24 hours free and you don’t have to pay extra for things such as activity zones or linking up to other smart home products. In fact, the only thing you get by paying for the monthly subscription is additional cloud storage, with 30-day cloud storage available for $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year.  

The SmartThings Smart Bulb and new Wifi Smart Plug are exactly what you would expect them to be. The bulb offers remote control of a user’s lighting and works with various voice assistants, while the Wifi Smart Plug is handy if users want to remotely switch on or off appliances or other electronic devices.  

While all three devices are available in the US from today, there’s no word on whether they’ll be making their way to the UK in the near future.  

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