Pakedge has announced two new switches that are now available to purchase, the SE-8P and SE-8P4.

The SE-8P is an eight Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch with a power budget to allow eight ports of PoE or up to four ports of PoE+.

Meanwhile, the SE-8P4, which allows for up to four ports of PoE or two ports of PoE+ power.

Pakedge has revealed the two new switches to replace the S8Pe and S8P4e models, which have both reached the end of their lives.

The company is promising an upgraded design for these new switches, claiming they have a ‘more unified and polished look’. The company has accompanied this design change with a drop in the price.

The plug-and-play SE switches are designed for simple networks that don’t require advanced bandwidth management.

The switches have the ability to automatically discover connected devices and then integrate those devices into the network, which Pakedge claims can be done in ‘seconds’.

Both the SE-8P4 and SE-8P are unmanaged switches, but when combined with a network with a managed switch, the company says that it can aide in ‘quickly connecting multiple access points, media devices or other clients on the same VLAN.’

Pakedge is also hoping to target installers not wanting two different solution for PoE and PoE+, with the SE series offering both on one device.

The SE series switches are the first of a new revamped line-up from Pakedge, with managed switches such as the top-tier SX series and SK switches expected to be available in early Q2.

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