Consumers wishing to save money and forgo the help of an installer will now be able to buy the Nest Thermostat E in the UK and Europe. The affordable thermostat is said to be easier to install than ever, as unlike its premium counterpart, Nest is recommending that users attempt to install this thermostat themselves.

It’s not the first time that smart thermostats have been made available that are designed for the DIY generation, after all devices such as Tado have already been encouraging users to install its thermostats themselves, but it’s the first time Nest has taken that approach in Europe. Of course, for those who would prefer to not give it a go themselves, the Nest Pro installation service is still available.

There are some downsides to the affordable Nest Thermostat E, and it seems that the convenience of installation is largely to blame. Instead of being compatible with 95% of homes like the original Learning Thermostat, Thermostat E is only capable of being installed in 85% of European homes. More complicated or higher-end heating systems are notably absent from the Thermostat E’s list of compatibility.

Nest says that its focus for the Thermostat E has been ease-of-install. In fact, it’s supposedly as easy to install as it is to unscrew a lightbulb or swap out a light switch. That’s because the new Heat Link E, which pairs wirelessly with the Thermostat E, is designed to replace existing wired thermostats or heating controllers. The Nest app will even give a step-by-step run-through of the installation process, similar to how Tado has achieved its easy installation.

There are some other notable differences with the Thermostat E that explain its more affordable price, however. That includes the absence of a full-colour display and Farsight feature, meaning it’s no longer possible to see the outside weather or time, and the new display will only showcase the room’s current temperature. The plastic exterior of the Thermostat E also makes it appear less premium than the Learning Thermostat.

Unfortunately, one interesting feature of the Thermostat E that is available in the US will not be made available in Europe. That’s compatibility with Nest’s temperature sensors, which allowed more granular room-by-room control of the heating system. Nest hasn’t commented as to why these won’t be available in the UK or Europe.

The Nest Thermostat E will be available in the UK for £199 and in Europe for €219 later this month.

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