Nest suffered an outage yesterday which caused many users to go without the remote features available on many of the company’s products.

At 3AM last night the company acknowledged an issue with its systems that meant customers could not access the service from their smartphones or through the web App.

While the cause of the problem is unknown, many users attempting to log in to their Nest devices last night would have been met with either a server error or that their password was invalid.

Nest has since fixed the problem that caused the outage but some users have said that problems like this are becoming all too common place with the smart home system.

The issue is a serious one however, as many would have stopped receiving notifications from home security devices like the Nest Cam and Nest Protect – which could have led to disastrous consequences.

Users were still able to connect to their devices if they were connected to the same WiFi network – so in the same house, but it was impossible to control a Nest Thermostat to set to a certain temperature while out of the house.

While Nest has fixed the issue, customers still question whether or not they can rely on systems such as the Nest Protect or Nest Cam to keep their homes safe.

Update: The company and users are reporting that everything is back to normal.

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