LILIN is set to hold a training session for dealers at its Milton Keynes office on July 23; with the aim of enhancing their knowledge of LILIN integration with RTI.

The session is designed to help RTI dealers learn more about the integration between LILIN products and RTI.

This training session is being done in partnership with Invision UK.

Complete novices who want to learn about programming RTI to accept LILIN products are welcome, as are experts who want to find out about setting the different motion and tamper variables within the RTI system.

The session on July 23 will cover everything from the basics, such as adding LILIN products to the RTI system and an overview of the full, two-way integration with RTI on all compatible LILIN network cameras and the control of DVR/NVRs.

Those wanting to take part in the free session will need to contact LILIN on 0870 120 5550 or Invision on 01359 270 280, to book a place.

It will begin at 9:45am at LILIN’s Milton Keynes office.

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