Legrand will be debuting its new ‘MyHome_Up’ home automation system at EI Live! 2018, with the company teaming up with AV distributor Habitech to show it off.

‘MyHOME_Up’ combines Legrand’s AV brands, which includes Bticino, Nuvo, Q Motion, Heating and MyHome lighting, onto a single IoT platform controlled by the MyHome app, which is freely available on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

It’s not just Legrand’s AV brands that MyHome_Up supports, with it also compatible with the Philips Hue lighting and Sonos platforms. It’s likely that they won’t be the only third-party products compatible, however.

Those at EI Live! 2018 will be able to try out the app for themselves, while also getting hands-on with the MyHomeServer1 hub, which is the hardware this platform is built around. Habitech hopes to teach installers about the benefits of the platform, which supposedly include it being easier to set-up, thanks to its automatic self-learning and device recognition, as well as cheaper for builders, developers and home owners to install.

Like many consumer smart home platforms, MyHome_Up is managed completely from the app, allowing installers to associate, manage and customise devices with ease. The difference is that while this device is consumer-friendly, it’s ideal for the custom install market thanks to its integration with the Legrand system.

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