I don’t often write about the quality of particular advertising in the custom channel, but the latest video from Kwikset really caught my attention.

The marketing video that shows the life story of the interaction between a father and his daughter through the years using the company’s smart door lock is pretty darn compelling. And, they manage to do it in just three minutes.

I admit it, there’s no doubt the ad struck me because I have two daughters. The video begins with parents bringing their child home from the hospital and entering the home (using the Kwikset Home Connect door lock, of course).

It then moves through childhood to teenage years, even portraying how the dad is able to intervene with an aggressive boyfriend after getting a notification from the Kwikset App that the door has been opened. (I hope I don’t ever have to use that function for that purpose.)

The video concludes with the daughter driving off to college, but coming back through the door for one last tear-jerking hug with dad.

They say that nostalgia is the second-most compelling form of advertising (sex is No. 1), and in this case, I think the marketing team at Kwikset hit a home run. And it’s not only me who thinks so … the video has more than 109,000 YouTube views so far.

This article first appeared on CE Pro.

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