After winning the CEPro ‘Best In Show’ award for multi-room AV, Just Add Power has begun shipping its 3G UltraHD over IP video distribution system with built-in 4K scaler and seamless HDCP handler.

Unveiled at CEDIA Expo 2015, Just Add Power’s latest offering promises to allow every integrated screen to display its optimum resolution up to and including 2160p.

UK customers can get the 3G UltraHD over IP transmitters and receivers from the company’s distributor in the country – HD Connectivity Ltd.

Just Add Power’s new 3G UltraHD over IP platform is designed to provide a readily available solution for video matrixing 4K and lower content from multiple HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 1.x sources to any combination of HDMI 2.0 and 1.x screens over a Gigabit network and Cat 5e/6 cabling infrastructure.

By using this latest range alongside a Layer 3 Gigabit Managed switch, installers can built any size of 4K-capable/HDCP 2.2-compliant HDMI matrix and be ‘guaranteed’ that each integrated screen will display source content in the highest resolution that it is capable of, according to Just Add Power.

The company claims that because of this technology, installers will not long need to set HDMI source devices to output the lowest common denominator resolution or purchase additional signal management boxes/EDID correctors to place between HDMI sources and displays.

Installers that are being targeted with this particular solution are those that are faced with having 4K/HDMI 2.0 panels with HDCP 2.2 only in primary viewing zones, whether it’s out of convenience or save costs, but having legacy 1080p/720p panels elsewhere.

In this scenario, the 3G Ultra HD over IP transmitters and receivers can be deployed alongside a Gigabit Managed switch to make a 4K source device with HDCP 2.2, such as the Sony FMP X10 UHD player or Nvidia Shield, be simultaneously viewed in 2160p (4K UltraHD) on 4K displays, in 1080p on Full HD displays and in lower resolutions on earlier HD panels.

All scaling and HDCP handling is carried out by Just Add Power’s 3G receivers, located behind each screen.

Scaling is two-way as well, meaning that the 3G receivers can downscale a 4K signal with HDCP 2.2 to 1080p or lower for viewing on HDMI 1.x screens and also upscale a Full HD 1080p or lower signal from any HDMI 1.x device, outputting it at a maximum of 4K 2160p for viewing on 4K TVs.

A selectable passthrough mode on each receiver is also available for installers not wanting to scale source content up or down; this delivers the same video resolution output by the source directly to the TV.

This passthrough mode has been designed for 4K panels with scaling functionality, as it will allow the 4K panel to carry out the upscaling process itself as opposed to the Just Add Power 3G receiver.

Packed into Just Add Power’s 3G receivers are advanced audio capabilities. Support for all uncompressed multichannel audio formats including Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD and DTS:X is included as standard.

The transmitters have an on-board licensed Dolby Digital DSP processor that converts Dolby Digital 5.1 to Dolby PLII before sending it over the network to the receiver locations, with the result being that 5.1 is output in every multichannel zone, while 2-channel is simultaneously output in all stereo zones.

Stereo audio extraction with adjustable lip sync delay (up to 170ms) and full variable audio control is available on both the 3G transmitters and receivers.

3G transmitters also have two analogue audio inputs (stereo-in and mic-in) that can be mixed with the HDMI audio stream.

Just Add Power promises to make specifying and planning a job with 4K distribution requirements as simple as it can.

To achieve this goal, Just Add Power claims that just one single 3G Ultra HD over IP transmitter per HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 1.x source, a layer 3 Gigabit Managed switch with enough ports for the job (various models of Cisco and Luxul switchers are what Just Add Power recommend), a 3G receiver per HDMI 2.0 or 1.x screen and a compatible control system are all that’s needed.

For instances where installers need to take an HDMI signal further than 330ft, Just Add Power recommends stacking supports models of switches using fibre optic cabling – allowing installers to take an HDMI signal up to 10km.

Controlling a Just Add Power 3G UltraHD over IP system can be done via two-way RS232 or IP. 3G devices additionally support two-way CEC and IR control.

Fully supported professional drivers are available free of charge for a range of third party control brands, including Control4, RTI, AMX, Crestron, Elan, On Controls and URC. A profile is also available for Savant.

Alternatively the Media Switcher software allows for full control from a PC or Mac.

Ed Qualls, president and founder of Just Add Power, notes: “After our busiest CEDIA show ever we are excited to announce that we are shipping 3G Ultra HD over IP. For us, 4K is an evolution, not a revolution.

“We don’t believe in telling people to toss out what they bought last year or four years ago — 3G Ultra HD over IP uses the same switches, same cabling, same control system drivers, but offers more features and better performance.

“Unlike with fixed format products, integrators can actually use the new 3G Ultra HD over IP platform to update and integrate new 4K /  HDMI 2.0 devices into their existing sites that are using earlier second generation (2G/ 2G+) Just Add Power products for Full HD 1080p video matrixing.

“We’ve safeguarded installers’ investment in our product, as earlier Just Add Power systems can remain in place and 4K sources and screens can be integrated by bridging 2G and 3G systems on the same network.

“For existing Just Add Power installers we have created detailed documentation on how you can best create a blended 2G/3G system for when your clients decide to add 4K / HDMI 2.0 devices to their current setup.”

Enhanced Video Wall functionality for commercial projects has also been added to the 3G Ultra HD over IP platform, enabling installers to integrate video walls in 4K from 2×2 to 16×16 in size, with support for portrait and flipped displays.

An Image Pop feature unique to the 3G range enables you to overlay a full colour image or logo on top of the HDMI signal with alpha channel transparency- great for on-screen branding.

All 3G products are POE-preferred, but are now also safe to use with almost any DC power supply – DC 4.7~23V.

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