At ISE 2016 in Amsterdam, Bleu Comm Azur (ProKNX) showed CE Pro a new way to control KNX home automation devices through ‘augmented reality’.

Simply open the new RealKNX App on a smart phone, aim the camera at a smart device such as a lamp or Sonos speaker, and control.

The system compares the image of the device with objects entered into the database and pulls up the appropriate user interface for the device. Also displayed is real-time feedback from the object if available.

For example, find a Sonos speaker in the viewfinder and the currently playing song appears.

During ISE, Bleu Comm managing director Christian Kiefel captured a weather station in the camera’s sights, revealing the temperature, wind speed and other data available for that device.

RealKNX represents an earlier model of what can be achieved through augmented reality. Today, the user must snap their own pictures and assign the images to controllable devices in the database. The system cannot automatically recognise a Sonos speaker, for example.

In any case, photos must be taken in order to capture each device in its habitat.

“The background is very important,” Christian says.

Data is stored locally on a realKNX embedded miniserver.

RealKNX works with Bleu Comm’s own ProServ KNX controller, as well as systems from iKnix and Lifedomus.

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