P5 Automation manufactures home automation components in Europe and utilising the FutureNow brand name, the company supplies a wide range of rail mountable, multi-channel switch, dimmer and window shading control modules with bus and Ethernet connectivity.

CE Pro Europe reached out to P5 Automation’s director, Tamas Tarnok, to discuss what the company has to offer and how it could benefit installers.

What are you most relevant lines for installers?

FutureNow Ethernet modules. The old bus based modules are still available (and preferred by some dealers because of the dedicated communication medium) but the ones with Ethernet connection are easier to integrate and use.

What benefits/features do they offer?

The available communication protocol makes FutureNow modules universal.

The modules offer local/manual input for each channel to control the outputs even if the network/bus is down.

Our approach allows installations to be done in stages allowing an easy start making dealers able to sell more systems.

Inputs can be ‘detached’ from the outputs so they can be used as separate digital inputs for monitoring different sensors, such as water leakage, rain and motion as well as or trigger macros and lightning scenes.

Take us through the set-up process

First just connect the outputs and inputs and power up the modules, you then have lighting that can be turned on/off dimmed, as well as controllable window shades, all operated from wall switches. Inputs can also be used to activate scenes stored in the modules.

We are in the process of adding functionality where the system can send out TCP/IP to control AV directly or via a Global Caché IP/IR device.

Installers can also take advantage of the built-in web site for configuration and control from PCs or smartphones.

Free mobile Apps are also available for iOS and Android, with customisable groups and scenes and all outputs and inputs show up in the same GUI no matter on what module they are from.

Do they offer compatibility with other products/automation platforms?

Thanks to the available communication protocol, FutureNow modules can be integrated with virtually anything.

We offer off-the-shelf drivers for Control4, RTI, AMX, Crestron and Neets with other popular platforms being added now.

The simple communication protocol enables quick and easy integration with any other system.

Compatibility with Global Caché means that the system can reach out and control AV as well.

Adding CommandFusion, iRidium mobile or iRule, a complete automation system can be built without using any controller.

On inputs either standard (maintained) or momentary wall switches can be used or button panels/keypads that have multiple contact closure buttons. Vimar, Lithoss, Gewiss, Niko, etc.

To make the latter multiple button keypads even easier to integrate, a FutureNow in-wall input module with multiple inputs and status LED outputs is coming next year.

Tell us about your relationship with Control4

We offer full integration supporting all functionalities including adjustable ramp rates, advanced lighting scenes, button links and specific FN events.

We provide fully-fledged and up-to-date drivers and first hand technical support to Control4 dealers worldwide.

Break down the main modules/products, what are they, what do they do?

Eight channel relay module with heavy-duty potential free outputs, 8 digital inputs, turning on/off anything low or high voltage including lights, switched outlets, irrigation, can also restart devices remotely.

Six channel mains dimmer, forward and reverse phase dimming, energy metering, six digital inputs, dimming mains voltage incandescents, halogens and dimmable LEDs.

12 channel LED dimmer for single colour or 4x RGB or 3x RGBW LEDs and all the combinations, ideal for dimming LED strips, both 12V and 24V. There are lots of different modes and we offer an RGB colour picker on the web site and in our mobile Apps.

There is a four channel motorisation controller for blinds, shutters, doors with eight digital inputs.

0-10V output module (only in bus version) with relays to isolate load when dim level is zero. This one has four digital inputs and is used mostly for dimming fluorescents and LEDs that have a ballast/driver with 0-10V input.

All can be controlled via the iOS and Andriod App, configuration can be saved and sent to another device even cross iOS/Android platform

What support/training is available to installers in the UK?

We are in the process of setting up training courses and we already offer a demo package for new customers including demo/personalised training at dealer’s premises and great discount on demo pieces.

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