Smart Home Under One Roof: Central control of DoorBird door stations and Panasonic TV thanks to BAB TECHNOLOGIE

The APP MODULE from BAB TECHNOLOGIE spans different protocols to link a range of IoT components with more than 8,000 compatible KNX products from over 500 manufacturers. In conjunction with ‘DoorBird Connect’ and ‘Panasonic Connect’ smart home apps, the APP MODULE puts IP video door stations from DoorBird on the end user’s TV. Doorbell events and the camera image from the smart door intercom system are displayed on the Panasonic TV and can be controlled conveniently using the remote control.

“With the IoT Gateway APP MODULE and ‘DoorBird Connect’ smart home app, we are offering a unique solution for integrating DoorBird door stations in KNX systems. The ability to also combine all functions of the door intercoms with other apps installed on the ‘APP MODULE’ is what makes establishing a connection with NUKI Smart Locks, Panasonic TVs, multiroom systems, and many other IoT components possible,” says Stefan Mainka, responsible for Business Development at BAB TECHNOLOGIE.

Sascha Keller, CEO of Bird Home Automation Group, explains this new integration, “Our IP-based door stations have an open application programming interface (API) that allows them to be integrated in existing home automation systems of any manufacturer. BAB TECHNOLOGIE uses this function to make DoorBird compatible with Panasonic. The full potential of smart home solutions can now be more fully realised.”

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