DemoPad is a software solution that allows an integration partner to simply and quickly develop an affordable, customised touchscreen control system without the high costs traditionally associated with advanced control systems.

DemoPad is an affordable solution for integrating and controlling audio, video, lighting, heating, cooling and security systems directly from a PC, tablet or smart phone device.

The new Centro 8 processor now provides industry partners with an integrated hardware solution to complement the software. With the Centro 8 processor, an integrator can open up new features such as macros, web server control, HDMI output and remote access.

DemoPad now boasts astronomically timed events and an advanced ability to control and automate potentially hundreds of sensors and devices within any installation environment.

For devices such as TVs, amplifiers, projectors or blinds that are not IP enabled, an installer can integrate alternative methods of control such as IR or RS-232 by using the Centro 8 processor or IP gateways.

This simple hardware set-up is combined with the DemoPad custom design software to create a customised interface for the end user. Complete projects are uploaded to any tablet or smartphone using a DemoPad end user App, available through the Apple store or from DemoPad, whilst Android App purchases are made directly through DemoPad.

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