Autonomic Controls is debuting at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam control modules for KNX, Control4 and RTI that will make its Mirage Media Server and Mirage Audio System more flexible for users and integrators.
Autonomic will be exhibiting at ISE in Booth 5-R97 and will also have a kiosk within the Control4 booth (10-N114).

Here’s a rundown of the new features.

KNX Platform Integration
Developed in-house by Autonomic, the new KNX compatibility provides more options for European distributors, integrators and consumers. KNX’s standardized open control protocol makes Autonomic products compatible with hundreds controls interfaces. And leveraging a KNX IP Gateway provides extended keypad control for up to 32 zones and 100 presets of programming selected from both local content and Autonomic’s array of streaming Internet music services.

User presets could be set to any Napster artist station or customized playlists created from Spotify, Napster, and local music content. Available functions include volume up/down, zone on/off, play, stop, skip and back from any KNX-enabled zone controller. Add LED metadata feedback and Autonomic delivers the seamless KNX integration that integrators and their clients are asking for.

“Evolving partnerships and in-house development of control modules are a critical part of what Autonomic has delivered to integrators since the company was founded,” says Aaron Chisena, director of sales and marketing at Autonomic. “It has always been our mission to give integrators the necessary tools they need, enabling them to provide the very best multi-room audio experience for their customers.”

RTI Control Module
The iPad-based RTI module features enhanced functionality for intuitive browsing of local content and streaming services via the navigation screen, which displays artist, cover art, album, track number, track time elapsed. A bold icon indicates which streaming service is supplying current programming so users always know the source of their content.

Another feature of the new RTI interface is the ability to add streaming service accounts on the fly,. Autonomic’s proprietary TuneBridge technology has been optimized within the RTI module, featuring an activation button in the upper right hand corner of the interface. Users can easily switch between enjoying local content and streaming services with TuneBridge as part of the enhanced functionality within the RTI control module.

Control4 Control Module & Partnership
Autonomic is pleased to announce enhanced collaboration with Control4 resulting in the development of a superior interface module and enhanced user experience for the Mirage Media Server in a Control4 environment. The new module makes access to control drivers easier for the integrator and eliminates any need for license keys as required for the prior solution.

In-house development also means faster access to updates as the module gains speed, programming options, and other new features. Future Autonomic/Control4 co-development lays the foundation for quicker-to-market modules and updates as Control4 develops and releases new versions of their control platform.

Autonomic will have a demo at ISE within the Control4 booth featuring an active Mirage Media Server and M-400 amplifier with the newest Control4 interface.

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