Arlo is set to take on both the Nest Hello and Ring Video Doorbell with its very own offering, which has been accidentally leaked by Arlo Partner, I-View Now. Arlo already offers a similar product called the Arlo Audio Doorbell, but as its name suggests, it doesn’t include a camera for viewing who is at the door. The new doorbell thankfully includes a camera and is likely to be called the Arlo Video Doorbell.

I-View Now revealed that the Arlo Video Doorbell will include a two-megapixel camera for capturing Full HD video, while it also boasts a wide field-of-view and two-way audio. That’s not exactly new territory for the smart doorbell market, but Arlo’s products have always been popular for the fact they work exceptionally well without needing to pay for a subscription service.

The majority of Arlo’s products are powered through batteries, including the aforementioned Audio Doorbell, and it’s likely that will remain the case with the new video doorbell. Arlo will likely be partnering with installers to offer professional installation of its new doorbell, however, just as it has with the Audio Doorbell. That offers both wire-free and wired operation, depending on whether the user wants their doorbell to work with existing digital and mechanical door chimes.

Pricing and release dates for the new Arlo Video Doorbell have yet to be confirmed. Expect a long wait for its arrival in the UK, as the Arlo Audio Doorbell has only just launched over here.

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