Users wanting to take full advantage of HomeKit from their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will require an Apple TV, according to a guide posted by the company.

Apple has created a page on its site to help people get to grips with HomeKit and whilst for the most part users will get by without the iPhone maker’s set-top box, those wanting to control their devices when not at home will need to purchase one.

It had been rumoured that Apple would be taking this approach, especially since a new Apple TV was supposedly planned for the company’s annual developer’s conference WWDC next week.

The New York Times is now reporting that Apple has since delayed its plans for a new set-top box, due to the company’s supposed TV service not being ready, as well as the hardware not yet ready for prime time.

HomeKit will work with any iOS 8.1 device of above, although it won’t work with just any home automation systems – with users implored to check the product badge for HomeKit compatibility.

The first five home automation systems supporting Apple’s platform were revealed earlier in the week, along with shipping dates.

One of HomeKit’s standout features is the ability to control home automation systems using Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

Commands such as ‘switch off the living room lights’ can be barked at Siri which will then recognise the grouping of lights present in the living room and proceed to turn them off.

Apple will likely have more details on HomeKit’s availability on June 8 when WWDC kicks off in San Francisco.

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