In this edition of Throwback Thursday, CE Pro Europe goes back to 2011 and revisits this look at five of the worst tech predictions ever made.

Which predictions do you think have fallen short since then?

The custom electronics industry has had its share of really bad predictions.

Technology in general is rife with poor prognostications, just like weathermen and sports analysts.

If futurists were always right, we would all have flying cars, personal robots, underwater homes and jet packs!

One of my favorites is in the 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey during a scene in which the main character is on the moon using a videophone to speak to his family, except it’s a payphone!

So while the author Arthur C. Clarke or director Stanley Kubrick correctly predicted telepresence systems, they clearly did not predict cell phones.

On a more serious level, we have rounded up predictions for the custom electronics industry that have been off the mark.

Check out the slideshow to the right to reveal all…

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