Russ Andrews Introduces The VP Revolution LP12 PSU Upgrade

Russ Andrews is introducing an upgraded power supply for Linn LP12 turntables, replacing the internal Valhalla, and other after-market designs, to provide a more musical and enjoyable performance.

Manufactured by Mark Sears of VP, the Revolution power supply is a high performance, two-speed unit, compatible with LP12s that have the original 24p motor. Toroidal based, it uses the latest surface-mount, low-noise component technology and microprocessor control for a super-smooth operation. All mounting hardware and instructions are supplied, and the unit can be easily fitted without soldering.

Russ Andrews, an LP12 devotee, fitted the first sample to his own turntable and reported that, “Fitting was straight forward, and right from the off it was clear that this supply was an upgrade. Bass was clearer and better defined; it went deeper and was more tuneful. The whole effect was to give a sound that was clearly better.”

Priced at £395 and made to order, the Revolution PSU is supplied with a 12-month warranty and is covered by the Russ Andrews 14 Day Home Equipment Trial with Money Back Guarantee.

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