Pulse Cinemas has announced that it has taken on UK distribution of Vicoustic’s range of acoustic panels for the Hi-Fi and home cinema markets.

“In addition to the acoustic panels, Vicoustic provides a range of building and construction products,” says Charlie McClarren, UK sales manager at Pulse Cinemas.

“This will allow us to assist our dealers in not just making cinema rooms look and sound amazing, but to build them too. This announcement means that our team can now offer a complete design service for dealers wanting support with full acoustic proposals, designed by fully trained acousticians.”

“The Vicoustic facility is an impressive one and we are already planning an educational summer trip for dealers wanting to see for themselves why acoustics should always be considered when adding sound to a less than perfect room,” adds Pulse Cinemas’ Kapes Patel.

Vicoustic’s portfolio includes a range of custom absorption and diffusion panels, insolation products, bass traps, portable acoustic products and acoustic solutions for three business divisions: music and broadcast, Hi-Fi and home cinema and building and construction.

Per Larsen, commercial director of Vicoustic comments: “We have a strong market position in the UK and are very happy with our current distribution partner HHB in the pro audio and broadcasting market. We are now adding Pulse Cinema as our new distribution partner for the home cinema market. We have already conducted some projects with Pulse and are extremely impressed by their knowledge, reach and dedication to customer service. Without a doubt, UK customers will now have the very finest in product offerings and service through Vicoustic local partners. I am looking forward to working closely with Pulse Cinema in the future.”

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