Technics debuts SU-GX70 streaming amplifier and upgraded turntable

Technics has debuted its latest innovations in home audio for Spring 2023, demonstrating its commitment to delivering new products to music lovers everywhere.

The new SU-GX70 will extend the Technics Grand Class portfolio with a streaming amplifier, combining the genes of the components collection with a wealth of connectivity options, including HDMI ARC for the first time.

In addition, the refreshed SL-1500C-W direct drive turntable sees Technics’ fully featured record player decked out in a new white finish. Developed at the request of vinyl lovers yearning for a design-oriented, fresh aesthetic to their turntable, the new design breathes new life into a classic hi-fi icon. 

SU-GX70:A hub for the modern home audio experience

The new SU-GX70 streaming amplifier opens a new chapter for Technics, being the first Technics product to host a HDMI ARC port since the brand’s revitalisation in 2014.

Designed to deliver reliably crisp, clear, and sparkling audio, the new amplifier draws on Panasonic’s expertise in video signal treatment and Technics’ proprietary full-digital amplification technology to ensure noise and distortion-free playback.

A new Twin Power Supply means the SU-GX70 delivers a high signal-to-noise ratio for superbly detailed sound, while the Clean Power Clock Generator technology taken from Technics’ Reference Class components enables high-precision digital signal processing for supreme audio accuracy, according to the maker.

The SU-GX70 is designed around the Chromecast platform for Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Qobuz, and Amazon Music HD integration, with support for MQA hi-res audio streaming for accuracy. Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth connectivity allow for wireless network communication, while FM, DAB+, and Internet radio support means you can tune into your favourite shows, hassle-free.

Physical connectivity options include two line inputs, three digital inputs, USB-A, and USB-B. And – as to be expected from a company at the forefront of turntable performance – a high-grade low-noise phono EQ allows you to hook up a record player with a moving magnet pickup cartridge for a sublime audiophile performance with all the authentic warmth of vinyl.

Built to look beautiful in any home, the SU-GX70 comes in an elegant, minimalist design in both silver and black finishes. It will be available at authorised Technics retailers from June 2023.

SL-1500C-W: a luxurious spin on an award-winning turntable

The second introduction announced by Technics is a new-finish version of the SL-1500C direct drive turntable system. In addition to standard silver and black, this fully featured turntable system will now be available in matte white.

“From our experience with limited edition models, we have seen a high demand for additional colour versions of our designs, especially for turntables. Many clients look for stylish colour alternatives, reflecting the minimalistic design language of modern contemporary interiors”, says Frank Balzuweit, Senior Product Manager at Technics Europe.

Frank adds “The new clean white tone underlines the SL-1500C’s pure and simplistic aesthetic, employing only the most necessary operational elements needed on a turntable”.

For an easy setup, a Ortofon 2M Red MM pickup cartridge comes pre-mounted to the head shell, which only needs to be fixed to the tonearm via the simple bayonet lock. Meanwhile, an automatic tonearm lift prevents unnecessary wear of the stylus and vinyl at the end of playing a record, ensuring your precious LPs remain in pristine condition.

For maximum connection flexibility, the SL-1500C is equipped with a conventional phono output with an integrated phono EQ, so it can be connected to other audio components without the need for a dedicated separate phono amplifier.

The basic technical genes of the SL-1500C-W represent the reputation of Technics as manufacturer of premium audio turntables. The iron-coreless direct drive motor, in combination with motor control ensures ultimate rotation stability for a classic, smooth vinyl sound.

The two-layer platter with a solid two-layer chassis based on aluminium diecast and the high-sensitivity S-shaped aluminium tonearm ensure high vibration damping and an accurate tracking process for the ultimate in analogue music enjoyment.

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