This summer, step into a new realm of realism with Sony BRAVIA 9 series, the maker’s brightest 4K ever, and experience sports with immersive picture quality, unparalleled brightness and incomparably beautiful colours, says Sony.

Sony says this new offering redefines the viewing experience by delivering extraordinary picture quality as well as an expanded colour volume that keeps images vivid and saturated even at high brightness levels, so pictures are produced just as the creators intended. The BRAVIA 9 series incorporates XR Backlight Master Drive, inspired by the backlight control core technology in Sony master monitors, offering superior contrast with a unique dimming algorithm that precisely controls thousands of LEDs.

With higher luminance than ever, the series has been designed to faithfully reproduce detailed scenes, even in the brightest daylight, ensuring every image is rich in detail and depth.

At its core is the XR Processor, designed to deliver strong realism through a scene recognition system that detects and analyses data with high accuracy, optimising the picture to make every scene more lifelike and engaging. The XR Clear Image technology employs a custom database to intelligently convert favourite content to near 4K quality for smooth, bright and crip images. Additionally, XR Motion Clarity analyses movement across several frames and synchronises the backlight with on-screen motion, ensuring clear and bright images even during fast-moving action scenes.

The BRAVIA 9 series is the also world’s first TV equipped with Beam Tweeter technology. This innovation, combined with Acoustic Multi-Audio+, delivers theatre-like sound, making users feel as if they are in the middle of the action. With Beam Tweeters at the top and Frame Tweeters at the sides, the sound comes from the right place and is synchronised with the visuals, providing an immersive audio-visual experience.

Via the intuitive Google TV platform, user can also enjoy an almost endless library of apps and content. The BRAVIA 9 series brings together movies, shows, and more from across the user’s apps and subscriptions, organising them based on interests ensuring the owners always have something exciting to watch.

The BRAVIA 9 series is available to purchase now in two sizes: 75in (FWD-75XR90) and 85in (FWD-85XR90). Sony says these large screens ensure users can enjoy the full impact of the BRAVIA 9’s picture and sound quality, whilst helping reduce your environmental footprint with the Eco Dashboard.

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