Snap One has introduced the new Binary B-260-ARC Audio Return Extender developed specifically for professionally-installed Sonos systems that allows integrators to locate a Sonos Amp up to 150 meters (492 feet) from the source TV.

According to Andras Balassy, Snap One’s Senior Business Development Manager for Control & Entertainment, Binary worked with Sonos to make the popular wireless audio system even easier to integrate by allowing the Sonos Amp to be located virtually anywhere within a home.

“Snap One is always looking for ways to help our Partners meet the demands of clients with new products that simplify and expand the functionality or use cases with systems like Sonos,” Balassy comments. “The new Audio Return Extender allows for Dolby 5.1, DTS 5.1 and two-channel LPCM audio signals to be sent from a TV to a Sonos Amp up to 492 feet away, which is perfect for professionally-installed home AV systems where components are often located in rooms far from the TV.”

The new B-260-ARC Audio Return Extender consists of a transmitter and a receiver and enables integrators to use either SPDIF or HDMI ARC to transmit audio content from a remote TV back to a centrally located amplifier. The units can be powered by HDMI, USB or 110 volt connections and each unit features a DIP switch to determine whether signal is being sent through S/PDIF or HDMI ARC. For the longest runs, Cat5e cable or higher is required. The B-260-ARC supports CEC pass-through between the HDMI ARC input and output to handshake and transmit. 

“Amp was designed to provide dealers with a simple and easy solution to integrate TV sound into architecturally stunning installations and we’re always looking for ways to offer even more flexibility,” says Benji Rappoport, Director of Product Management for Architectural at Sonos. “Snap One has deep expertise in installation and product design and it has been inspiring to work with their team as they deliver this solution to the installer community.” 

The B-260-ARC Audio Return Extender is available to dealers in the US and Canada through Snap One’s online portal, Snap One distributors, and the Sonos direct dealer portal.

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